Monday, November 2, 2015

5 Signs You Could be Ready for a Business Coach

When your business is off and running it is important to regularly take a step back and review.  What is going well and what isn't working?  Are there ways to build on what you do to increase revenue? Have you got the right staff in the right roles? Could you be making savings by working smarter?  Sometimes stepping away from your business to meet with an impartial third party such as a business mentor/coach can be just the ticket for getting focused.  Here are five tell tale signs that it could be time for you to call a business coach:

  • You always feel like you’re working in your business and not on your business

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  • You want to grow but are too busy to even think about it and feel overwhelmed with the possibilities

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  • You’re great at what you do, but are not a people manager

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  • You need a sounding board/second opinion, it’s lonely being the boss of your own business
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  • You need help with getting more focus and direction

The  Women's Organisation offer business coaching to trading businesses on a consultancy basis, so whether your business be for profit or non-profit, female or male owned, if you would like to meet with someone regularly to reflect on your business and develop a plan to sustain and grow, get in touch with our team today.  Call 0151 706 8111 or email to arrange a no obligation initial meeting with our advice team to work out a programme of coaching to suit you.

By Business Growth Adviser Claire Pedersen

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