Wednesday, November 4, 2015

In The Media: More Than Half Of The Self-Employed Workforce In The North West Are Women

Just Accounts, the contractor accountant software provider, surveyed 1000 self-employed people in the UK to find out the main distractions and habits of those working from home.

New research on the self-employed in the UK has revealed that a third of people from the North West work over 40 hours a week. Almost a third of those surveyed in the North West also said that being online and reading the news were their main distractions when working from home.

People aged 55 or older dominate the self-employed work force in the North West, with a third of those surveyed falling into this age group. It was also revealed that more than half of those working from home were women.

With regards to the rest of the UK, 83% of contractors are working from home. However, the findings show that smart, office clothes are still the chosen uniform - even when working from a living room.

The research revealed even more habits of the abode-dwelling self-employed across the UK. Overwhelmingly 90% admit that they get distracted when working from home. While over a third of surveyed say there is always something to clean or organise when working from home, over a quarter finds that just being online steers their attention away from work.

Online shopping, social media and news are the biggest causes of procrastination when working at home, with almost a third admitting they get distracted by being online when trying to get on with work.

Over a third of self-employed men working at home said they work over 40 hours a week, whereas only 18% of women said the same. This equates to almost a third of those surveyed working over 40 hours a week.

The research around self-employed people in the UK also showed that more than half of the people working as self-employed in the UK are women. Moreover, the majority of self-employed women are aged 25-34.

Barry Florida-James, the Managing Director for Just Accounts, said: “It’s interesting to see how being self-employed affects people’s attitudes to working at home. It’s common knowledge that being online is distracting to those in an office, but the research proves that this also affects those working at home.

“Ultimately, people working from home in the UK are still treating their home as an office, as they are dressing the same and finding the same distractions, no matter where their office might be.”

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