Thursday, November 5, 2015

National Trustees Week – The Women’s Organisation Thanks Their Wonderful Trustees!

This week (2nd- 8th November) is Trustee’s Week and we wanted to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful trustees of The Women’s Organisation for all the hard work they do to support us.

Trustees play a vital role in running charities, volunteering their time and working together to make important decisions about the charity’s work. Trustees Week is an annual event to showcase the great work that trustees do and highlight opportunities for people from all walks of life to get involved and make a difference.

Our charity and its trading arm are led by a voluntary board of trustees and directors who are drawn from the private, public and social economy sectors. The charity board is chaired by Professor Alison Price, supported by Gill Moglione as Vice Chair and Susan Oshikanlu as Treasurer. The trading arm which reinvests all of its profits into the charity is chaired by Pat Shea Halson.

Gill Moglione
Pat Shea Halson
We also owe a great debt to our co-founder, Rita Bebbington, who is sadly no longer with us, but whose commitment to equality and social justice continues to influence our work. As one of the founding members of Train 200, the forerunner to The Women's Organisation, Rita played an instrumental role, not only as a board member but also by dedicating a great deal of time, energy and passion on a voluntary basis. Her memory lives on in all of us as we strive to live up to her goal to change and improve the economic position of women. 

Rita Bebbington
Trustees are often the unsung heroes, playing a vital role, volunteering their time, working together to make the decisions that really matter about the charity’s finances, activities and plans for the future.

We’d like to take this opportunity on the sixth annual celebration of trusteeship, to highlight the great work that our trustees do. The Women’s Organisation CEO, Maggie O’Carroll says;

‘Our trustees shape and develop our strategy - they use their significant and extensive skills and knowledge to effectively govern our Organisation - they provide their time and effort free of charge as they are passionate about what we do and they are unfailing committed, creative and entrepreneurial - we are grateful for all the work they put in to making the organisation a success.’

So thank you to the trustees of The Women’s Organisation! If you’re a charity, have you thanked your trustees recently? Now’s the time to do so!

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