Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Power of Facebook

Picture the scene, you’re standing in a queue at the post office and distracting yourself by browsing your facebook feed when you come across  something that makes you literally laugh out loud! You grab the image and share to your friends to tell them ‘this really made me giggle’.

This is something that millions of us social media followers do every day, but when the owner of independent business ‘Handmade by Shelly’ did it this week something phenomenal happened.
If you’ve been on facebook in the past days you may have seen this image:

It’s toooooo cute and has captured the interest of thousands of facebookers. Since she shared the image on Monday, it has been shared by over 23,000 people and it now has over  20,000 likes on her page. The facebook page ‘Hand Made by Shelley’ has had over 1000 new likes in the past 48 hours and she has been inundated with requests for the super cute wigs. But here’s the irony, she dosen’t even make them!

She does however make a great range of gifts and items that would make brilliant Christmas presents (I’ve already spent £20 on Christmas presents from her).
We spoke to Handmade by Shelly who told us, ‘it’s crazy, my business page feed has gone mad, I’ve had tons more likes, and customers ordering my products from me that hadn’t even heard of me last week. The only thing is, I don’t actually make the wigs!’

But you know us here at The Women’s Org, we like to get to the bottom of these matters so we have tracked down where they came from. The image originates from a craft company called Brooklyn Craft Company, based over in Brooklyn, New York. They posted the picture on Halloween when their crafty founder Brett Bara made them for her children. They too have had this image shared thousands of time from their facebook page.
This story for us exemplifies the power of facebook and social media! What is a seemingly fun picture has generated global interest and captured the interest of millions!

Do be sure to check out local sellers to you. Buying from independent retailers this Christmas can really support them in their business.
Brooklyn Craft Company, if you are reading this then hello from Liverpool. Your picture has given us a good giggle this week and we hope you are coping with your new found fame :-)

And if you would to learn more about different social media channels, including facebook, for your business and how to utilise them, check out our courses held at The Women’s Organisation.

Written by Jo Mountfort – Business Advisor at The Women’s Organisation.   

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