Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Women Inspired By Mia From PAO! And Kate Williams Photography At Start-Up Conference

Our first Women's Business Start-up conference of 2016 kicked off today with the news that it is our 20th birthday year! As it was the first conference of The Women's Organisation's 20th anniversary year, we felt it only right and proper to take a celebratory selfie to start the event.

#WOStartUp2016 Selfie

Jo Austin from The Women's Organisation encouraged the women that they were "trailblazers" just by attending and recognising that they do have the opportunity to be business leaders.  Women are still greatly under represented in enterprise and business leadership, so Jo explained that The Women's Organisation exists to tackle that inequality through inspiring enterprise and supporting women's economic development.

Sue Chambers from MSIF with Abi Inglis from The Women's Organisation

Sue Chambers from event partners MSIF gave the good news that there are finance options out there for start-up businesses and that MSIF help to fill the gap for those who weren't eligible for finance from the banks for any reason.  

Inspiration came in buckets when we invited Kate Williams of Kate Williams Photography and Mia Tagg of PAO! to talk about how they went about starting a business.

Kate Williams Photography

Kate was honest sharing that it was a massive "leap of faith" deciding to set up in business and took stepping out of her comfort zone. Mia told us that conversely she "loves the uncertainty" a new business venture brings and finds that challenge only brings out the best in her.

Mia tagg from PAO!

Following a quick break to stuff our faces with pastries and a cuppa (and network of course) we were back at it looking at the reality of starting a business. 

"Self-employment isn't the easy option and we aren't here to tell you it is" confessed Jo with nods from Mia and Kate, but as the discussion went on to the positives of setting up your own business - the energy in the room rose with women shouting out their hopes for self-employment from "Not having to answer to anyone else" to "flexible working hours". 

The morning finished with good news that support is available FREE for those in Merseyside looking to start their own business via the new Enterprise Hub programme.  The Women's Organisation can help women directly through Enterprise Hub with one to one business advice and training around business planning and the tools needed to run a business. 

Feedback from the women who came along included:

"The speakers were very interesting and inspirational"
"Loved it thank you"
"Great help, glad I came. Thank you"
"Very useful to decide if you'd like to start a business"
"Well presented and useful"
"Great alkers, very personal and helpful"
"Brilliant, thank you"
"Today's conference was informative"
"It was a very relaxed, easy going session which has inspired me"

The women attending also walked away with a brilliant 'digital tools' handbook that gave them some ideas for apps, sites and tools they can use to make their business smarter from the outset.  One key tool highlighted at the event was the Envision platform which budding entrepreneurs can use from the outset to help plan their business. 

A massive thank you to our brilliant speakers Mia and Kate, and to our event partners MSIF for their support in making the conference happen. 

If you missed out on our business start-up conference, but would like to link into the Enterprise Hub support to start your business you can contact our team on 0151 706 8113 or hello@thewo.org.uk.  

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