Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Am I Twittering, Linking or Liking? Choosing the Right Social Media Platform

When it comes to developing a social media strategy for your business there are so many channels to choose from, how do you begin to decide?  And How do you start to develop a plan to build your brand and inevitably increase sales?

Firstly you should ask yourself:

  • Who is my customer? Different Social Media Platforms appeal to different audiences.  Identify who your core customer will be and then research which platforms will most appeal to them.  
  • Am I B2B or B2C? If you are trying to sell a product or service to other businesses (B2B) or to the general public (B2C) you will need to find the right platform.  Mass marketing to the public is much more suited to platforms like Facebook, whereas Linkedin is better for building business relationships.
  • How much time to I have? Social media marketing is vast and you can spend hours building colourful posts. Identifying how much time you realisticly have to spend on social media will mean you are less likely to waste time browsing what people are having for tea, and more likely to concentrate on making an impact.  You can use time saving tools such as or Hootsuite to set chain reactions or pre-time content to help with this. 
  • What is the personality of my business? Establishing your brand in terms of business personality is key before hopping on social media.  Accounts who have failed to do this will look disjointed. You might see them posting something deep and highly technical one day and then an image of a hamster waterskiiing the next.  Confusing your message reduces the level of trust your customers have in you.  They want to know who you are and exactly what you stand for.  If your personality is 'funny' then be funny, if your personality is 'serious' then be serious.  Know who you are and be proud of it.
  • What channels are my competitors using? Having a look at where your competitors have established a social media presence can be greatly informative.  Just because they have an acocunt doesn't mean it is the right decision.  Look at how many friends or followers they have.  Is their content getting a good response?  If not then they might be saying the right things in the wrong place.  You can learn from that and make smarter choices. 
For more help on getting to grips with social media, The Women's Organisation offer a vast range of courses starting with 'Building a Social Media Strategy' which will give you an overview of what is out there and how to choose.  From there specialist courses are available to help you to understand how to use Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Blogs, Hootsuite and Understanding SEO.  Contact our team on for more information. 

Tips by Digital Marketing Coordinator Jo Austin

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