Friday, March 4, 2016

Things to Consider When Setting up Social Media Accounts for Your Business

Once you have established which social media channels are most appropriate for your target audience you will be ready to set up an account and have a go.  Here are some handy hints to consider before taking the leap.

     Setting up social media account:
  • Consider creating a separate email address to use for your social media account - Often social media accounts can come with a million notifications. It might be worth having a seperate email address for this. Using the same dedicated email address for each platform will also help as there is less to remember. 
  • Prepare cover photos, profile image and business logo - Quality of image can make or break the look of a social media profile. Invest some time in developing your logo and getting a stock of good images that you feel confident will represent your brand well.
  • Prepare your content - getting a stock of images and updates ready to go will give you a head start with your social media.  Consider mixing your 'sales' messages with other useful hints and tips or interesting content relevent to your business and your target audience.
  • Research how often to post - Each social media channel has a different ettiquette in terms of how often you can post without your followers switching off.  Have a look at other accounts similar to yours.  How often are they posting?  Does their frequency seem reasonable and what response are they getting?
  • Add social icons to your website - One core purpose for using social media is to keep in touch with potential customers and contacts.  It is an easy way to remind them regularly that you exist.  Adding 'follow us on' social media links to your website is a quite way to entice those visiting to keep in touch with you regularly. 
For more help on getting to grips with social media, The Women's Organisation offer a vast range of courses starting with 'Building a Social Media Strategy' which will give you an overview of what is out there and how to choose.  From there specialist courses are available to help you to understand how to use FacebookTwitterLinkedinInstagram, Pinterest, Blogs, Hootsuite and Understanding SEO.  Contact our team on for more information. 

By Business Start-up Adviser Yan Miao

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