Thursday, April 14, 2016

Cyberfrog Sue & Liverpool Girl Geeks Chelsea Inspire Women's Business Start-Up Conference

This week saw the return of our 'Women's Business Start-up Conference', and we were counting ourselves lucky to have twisted the arm of the fab Sue Flannery from Cyberfog Design and the lovely Chelsea Slater from Liverpool Girls Geeks to join us. 

Both Sue and Chelsea shared their story of how they got started in business, the things they have learned along the way, and what they would advise other women to think about if starting a business.

Sue Flannery Cyberfrog
Sue Flannery speaks

Sue Flannery who built her business from starting it as a part time activity on the side of her other 'day job' to a full time thriving business that has expanded and now has a full team kicked off with her tips:

  • "Learn how to say no" so important to avoid getting busy with lots of things that are not productive.
  • "Protect the quality" Sue talked about protecting your product by not under selling, over working, losing sight if what your business is about
  • "Build a network" admitting self-employment can get lonely if you don't build a strong network around you
  • "Step back regularly and look at the business" saying how working on your business not always in your business is important for growth.

Sue admitted she still worries that she will be "caught out", facing that imposter syndrome that so many women feel when running their own business.  But the women attending could certainly see that this inspiring woman is far from an imposter, and actually a very powerful woman in business. 

Liverpool Girl Geeks Chelsea Slater who has also recently launched herself as a freelancer in the digital marketing sphere was very clear about her key lessons:

Chelsea Slater Liverpool Girl Geeks
Chelsea Slater sharing her story

  • "Don't let people get in your way" - so many people can discourage you or you can worry about others when taking a leap for yourself
  • "You will have down days" and it is important to know that and learn how to pick yourself up in those moments
  • "Learn how to quit". Chelsea explained how it is important to know when to quit and how you have the power to change your work situation if you are not happy. She talked about finding the "room to make change" rather than just accepting things the way they are.
  • "Think about you" find time for work life balance. 

Jo Austin from The Women's Organisation rounded up with some workshop activities to help the women attending to work out if self-employment is really for them, and let them know that FREE support is available for those in Merseyside who are starting a new business through Enterprise Hub.

The women went away buzzing with ideas and inspiration.  Just some of the feedback from the morning was:

"Really great morning. Lots of inspiration and dissipation of barriers. Thank you"
"It was a great session.  Time flew by, really enjoyed it. Thank you"
"Hearing from Sue and Chelsea was very inspirational"
"The informal down to earth atmosphere created helped me to feel welcome and believe that I could be a part of what The Women's Organisation has to offer"
"Thoroughly enjoyed the session and look forward to facing the fear and move forward with ideas/plans"
"Meeting Sue and Chelsea was great, to hear two different points from someone just starting to someone who has established a business"
"Useful event.  I will definitely recommend"
"I thought Sue's presentation was very empowering and encouraging"
"Very good course - will look forward to further contact with the organisation."
"Very good event, always something new to learn"
"Very enjoyable, lots of food for thought"
"A BIG THANK YOU for such a positive session!"
"Really useful and informative morning"
One woman took away that "Fear is natural, but it should not control my actions or stop me from pursuing my goals", and another said she most benefited from "Knowing that other women feel like how I feel".

We would like to offer a big THANK YOU to Sue and Chelsea for their contribution and to all the women who came along and made it a great morning.  We look forward to seeing how your business progresses.

If you missed this event, but are thinking of starting a business and would like to take advantage of the free support on offer via the Enterprise Hub programme, contact the team on 0151 706 8113 or 

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