Thursday, April 21, 2016

Lorraine Bedwell Took The Road Less Travelled When It Came To Starting Her Own Business; ChuseMe CV

Do you have a business mantra that you live by? A few words or pearls of wisdom that stick with you through the thick and thin of running your own business? Or was there ever a time when you heard a mantra or saying and it applied to your exact situation, just when you needed it?

For Lorraine Bedwell, this is exactly what happened when she was weighing up her options to take the leap and dive into self-employment. Lorraine now is the Director of ChuseMe CV which offers CV writing, interview coaching services and CV templates. Lorraine says; ‘Finding a job can be daunting and we are here to help you along the way. With 14 years professional recruitment experience, we are well positioned to help you with your job search.’

Previous to starting her own business, Lorraine was a Senior Sales Manager for a recruitment company, but says she was always wanted to start her own business, and felt she had gone as far as she could with her previous role. Once she had decided to start her own business, this was where the real decisions had to be made.

‘It was difficult to begin with because I was tempted to continue with what I know and start an educational recruitment business. However, I knew there were constant changes within education and I didn’t want to make any hasty decisions. I decided to take my time and consider the pros and cons and also look at alternatives, giving myself 3 months to make a decision.

It was within that time I began to explore recruitment avenues and look for inspiration. I also revisited many of the entrepreneurial books that have inspired by over the years. As my three month deadline approached, I thought about a piece of advice that James Caan’s Father gave to him. It was;

“Observe the masses: Do the opposite”

And suddenly, things began to drop into place for Lorraine as she thought about this little mantra; ‘I decided then to do something different. Rather than focus on the client side of recruitment, I wanted to focus on the candidate side” – And ChuseMe CV was born….

Once she had made this decision, the ball was rolling and Lorraine got in touch with The Women’s Organisation, taking full advantage of our range of training courses and also pairing up with Senior Business Adviser; John Jones. ‘The Women’s Organisation has been really great for giving me a greater understanding of things like Accountancy and Social Media for business. John has been particularly helpful, he’s given me lots of useful information and has been readily available to answer any questions I’ve had!’

But as with all new businesses, there has been a lot of new skills that Lorraine has had to get stuck into! And not all of these are easy! Lorraine told us that the most daunting aspect to setting up her own business was getting to grips with all the things she didn’t have any previous experience of like Accounts, Website and Social Media Marketing. But with help from The Women’s Organisation, Lorraine is building up her skills as her business launches and grows.

‘ChuseMe CV is going really well so far. Right now it’s in its embryonic stage! The website has just gone live and I have been spending lots of time setting up Social Media and trying to get to grips with the website and creating content’

‘Running my own business is great. It’s about the excitement of creating something new, the extraordinary learning curve and the new people that I get to meet!’

And what does the future of ChuseMe CV hold? Well Lorraine has some big plans in the pipeline for the business! She intends for ChuseMe CV to be the ultimate one stop shop for graduates seeking employment. ‘Right now I’m really keen to speak to employers that offer student employment internships or graduate vacancies. We’re going to have a section of the website called Featured Employers page where people can go and find out more about employers. There wouldn’t be a charge to employers so it would be great to hear from anyone with graduate vacancies!’

So there you have it! How those 6 little words sparked something in Lorraine Bedwell and helped her make the decision to take the road less travelled when it came to her journey into self-employment!

If you would like to find out more about Lorraine and ChuseMe CV then head over to their website here or you can also email at

And if you’ve been inspired by Lorraine’s story and are thinking about starting up your own business, then get in touch with The Women’s Organisation for advice, support and training! You could access FREE support to get started through our Enterprise Hub programme.  Email or ring us on 0151 706 8111

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