Friday, May 27, 2016

Get Your Pitch, Perfect With The Women’s Organisation Business Club

Ever been to a networking event and introduced yourself to someone, only to be asked what it is exactly that you do?  Then struggled to come up with that perfect, concise answer that completely sums up you, your business and what you are looking to gain from networking. 

Some people call it the elevator pitch, some call it just your business pitch, but whatever you call it, it’s vitally important to have one when you’re networking.

From some great feedback that we’ve had from our Business Club members, we are delighted to be launching June’s business club networking event – a Pitch Perfect Open Mic Night! On Wednesday 22nd June (6-8:30pm) we will be hosting this event at 54 St James Street and would like to invite you to come along and get pitch perfect.

Your networking style and approach can help you to build great connections and relationships and win business. Join The Women’s Organisation Business Club to discuss effective networking techniques including hints and tips on how to perfect your 60 second pitch from  Anne Marie Swift of the Women in Business Network.

For those who are brave enough we will be handing over the microphone so you can pitch your business to everyone, and of course there will be time for the usual business networking!
Michelle Billington pitching at Meet the Media
Joining us will be our event sponsors; Cyberfrog Design; a creative website design agency in Liverpool, Merseyside, working for clients throughout the United Kingdom. Co-Founder, Sue Flannery will be sharing her journey to success after she left her education job six years ago to jump into the world of self-employment and digital know-how with her husband and now Co-Founder of Cyberfrog Design.

Sue told us; ‘I’ve had a few careers, working in kitchens, running pubs and teaching. I realised that I couldn’t remain in teaching for the next 25 years without being very miserable and I knew that the situation wouldn’t change without me making the decision to change it. Cyberfrog was born out a real desire to do something different and be in control of my own destiny. I taught myself everything I could about the digital industry while still teaching. My husband was freelancing as a web designer and we took the plunge and set up the company. It’s been a massive learning curve but we’re still here nearly 6 years later and we’re now a team of 6 and still growing. Most of us a huge skill set that we’re not even aware of; it’s transferable and applicable in lots of situations. Be brave and believe! ‘

We are really looking forward to hearing more from Sue at the event, as well as looking into effective networking and creating that perfect pitch!

A big thank you to our event sponsors Cyberfrog Design and Business Club sponsors Mitchell Charlesworth 

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