Tuesday, May 3, 2016

What’s Your Plan On A Friday Night? Join Pre-Light Night Networking With The W.O

LightNight is Liverpool’s one-night arts and culture festival, taking place annually in May, this year on Friday 13th May. Across the evening from 5pm you can experience more than 100 free events at different places across the city including museums, galleries and heritage sites.

 So what better what better way to spend the pre LightNight hours than with The Women’s Organisation at 54 St James Street? Join us for some Pure Networking before you set off to see the sights for the evening!

Unlike last month’s Meet the Media event, this month’s is purely all about you and what connections you would like to make! The Women’s Org team will be on hand so make sure to give them a nudge if there is someone in particular you’d like to meet and we’ll give you a hand!

So come on down on Friday 13th May from 3-5pm and have a cup of tea or coffee in Siren Café and get some great networking done before the week is out! 

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