Friday, June 3, 2016

DIGA: Positive Organisational Impact in EU-funded Multi-National Projects

DIGA (Digital Innovations for Growth Academy' brings together expertise from organisations from 7 European Countries to contribute to innovative ICT and digital training programme for staff delivering vocational education and training in the fields of entrepreneurship and business development. Our partners from Bulgarian Centre for Women in Technology offered these refelctions on how multinational projects like this can have a positive organisational effect.

"We live in a digital world where face to face communication has started to be replaced with online communication and virtual teams are a common practice in many new ventures and established corporations. And that brings new opportunities as we all know and appreciate, exciting ways of reaching out to huge audiences, sharing knowledge, skills. However, the lack of personal time is also to be addressed as it restricts the ways we, as humans, interact and therefore learn from each other."

"European projects on a multi-country base are a wonderful way to bridge the gap between these two objectives. By being part of such a multi-national project like the DIGA one, we not only get the chance to achieve results with a huge impact in 6 countries but we get the opportunity to enhance our own working abilities, cultural understandings and ways of understanding the world around us, from a professional and personal point of view. By bringing such a valuable experience into each organization`s team we enhance the overall knowledge of our teams, we share practices and work on improving our communication skills."

"DIGA brings organizations with a great amount of experience into a collaborative environment where sharing and innovating together is the main approach. The transnational meetings where the organizations` members meet together creates opportunities for not only professional collaboration but establishing new friendships, learning about new cultures and building on needed skills like patience, empathy, adaptability. And isn`t that needed to make it in the new digital world, where we are exposed to a constant change, to lean methodologies and foreign best practices which require a different set of skills to adopt and acquire."

"As one of the members in the project, we, from the Bulgarian Centre of Women in Technology appreciate the chance given to join this union. We value the opportunity to be part of this DIGA team and we hope that this is a friendship to last and more importantly we have started to realize the positive impacts that this cooperation has on our team and our eco-systems in which we operate and try to be the change."

Evelina Prodanova,
Project Coordinator, BCWT, Bulgaria


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