Wednesday, June 8, 2016

From 4 Instagram Followers To £1mil Per Week Online Success

We often get asked questions by clients such as, “how do you make money out of a blog?” and “how can I go viral?”. The answer to these questions is the same as all the advice we give on our social media workshops, and that is, when developing your social media strategy it is essential that you are putting yourself out there as an expert and that you’re are generous in sharing your knowledge.  Give advice and in doing so showing a passion for what you do. This will get people interested and excited about you and keen to seek out what you have to say even more. If you set out just to try to make money it usually doesn’t work.

Joe Wicks, The Body Coach (image courtesy of youtube)

This is no better exemplified than by the phenomenon that is The Body Coach.  It’s likely that you may have heard of him having seen his posts and videos on facebook or Instagram, bought his book or seen him spreading the word on TV.

What is that word? Well, The Body Coach is 30 year old personal trainer, Joe Wicks, who originally started posting hints tips and advice to people about their diet and fitness online and developed this into his 'Lean In 15' programme and HIIT training programme. Three years ago he was working in a pub and had about 4 instagram followers, now he has millions of followers, his first cookbook, 'Lean in 15' sold 70,000 copies in its first week beating Davina McCall’s, and is now number 15 in the 20 biggest selling books of all time, beating the likes of Mary Berry and Gordon Ramsey. He is turning over £1 million per month (just let that sink in for a moment), has 500 people signing up to his plan every day and a staff of 50.

It’s an incredible achievement in a short 3 years, but when asked why he thinks he has been so successful he puts it down to the fact he never set out to make money. He genuinely wanted to transform lives and never chased the cash.

Read the full story of Joe's success here. 

So what are the takeaways from Joe's story?

  1. Be passionate about your brand - No one else is going to get excited about it if you aren't
  2. Be Generous with your knowledge - Knowledge is power is definitely true when it comes to social media
  3. Don't start it as a sales pitch - Monetising social media comes further down the line, It takes an upfront investment of time to get to that ideal
  4. Keep up to date and be an expert - Keep your industry knowledge fresh and be prepared to move with the trends
  5. Look for additional avenues for growth - Joes book is a great example of this.  If you have built a good following online look for offline markets you can utilise
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By Business Growth Adviser Claire Pedersen

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