Wednesday, June 1, 2016

POEM: Women Achievers

Thanks to Jo Badger who contacted us to share this brilliant poem she has penned called 'Women Achievers'.  Enjoy!

Jo Badger

Women as achievers?
Well..........there's a thing!
Do you mean knitting or tidying balls of string?
Or do you mean Suffragettes fighting for our rights
Or looking after baby
Night after night after night?

Do you mean caring
Loving, holding with hugs?
Or lending an ear
Offering hot mugs
.....Of Tea!

Women achievers have been
To the moon
Written top novels
Played the tune
In orchestras, trios, quartets and bands 
Circle Danced around the land

Painted portraits
Skippered yachts
Debated with men
And tied them in knots

Stood in Parliament
Ruled the realm
Women?... pretty good
When they're at the helm

So, raise your glass
Fill with pride
Stand up tall
Smile wide

Give 'em a wink
A kiss
And a nod

Being a woman is a Gift of God.

c Jo Badger 2016

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