Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Women's Organisation Support Women Living with Mental Ill Health to 'Change It'

The Women's Organisation are proud to offer a postive programme to support women in Liverpol to build tools for change.

Thanks to some charitable funding, local women living with mental ill health have been given opportunity to meet together and be supported to look at ways to change their future. 

We caught up with the women from our first cohort at their final session to see how they feel the programme has benefitted them.  Here is what they told us:

What has been good about 'Change It'?
“What is good is that it is not formal goal setting, although we did set goals. I’ve got much more out of it than I thought I would.” 

“I liked goal setting and that it has made me more aware of my achievements.  You tend to forget the things you’ve done.  This helps you to be more aware of the positive and not the negative.” 

“It’s good that we have been allowed to drop in and out of the sessions.  If we didn’t manage to make it one week there was no feeling of ‘oh you didn’t come last week’.  It was fine to come back when we could.” 

What can women expect from the sessions?
“There’s no pressure here. It’s informal, no role play. The stuff you want to do to move on, that is what is offered here.  A lot of the prescribed help for mental health you find keeps you in a loop where it is a cycle you can’t get out of.  This breaks you out of that.  Here I’ve found I’m with other women like me who really do want to ‘change it’.” 

“It’s been relaxed. Nice company” 

What are you taking away from the programme?
 “I’m taking away self-belief in my own ability. I feel what I embark on I can achieve. I’m hopeful for the future.” 

“It highlighted what I have actually done.  I’ve got a book now with all of my achievements in.  I can look and say ‘I’ve done that, and I’ve done that’.” 

“Last week we were talking about ‘why wait’.  It made me think yes, why wait? So I’m definitely going to go to college or something.  You tend to think that while you are in recovery, oh I’ll just wait until…, but why?  Why just sit at home? I might as well do things now.” 

“I liked looking at the qualities and skills.  It’s given me a new way to look at things when looking at jobs.  I have different things to say than I did before, and now it is more about looking for jobs that match my skills and qualities rather than just qualifications.” 

The next 'Change It' programme will begin on Wednesday 29th June and will cover:

· Positive Thinking and Learning about Yourself

· How to Become a More Assertive You

· Managing Change

· How to Present Yourself with Confidence

· Building an Effective Employability Toolkit

Change it is open to women living in Liverpool who are living with a diagnosed mental health condition who are looking for support to move forward. 

If you are interested in joining the next programme, or are working with women you would like to refer to the programme, please contact our team on 0151 706 8111 or

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