Thursday, July 14, 2016

Forgotten Age Beauty Are Changing Society's Perceptions Of The 60+ Age Group

Two women, Liz and Sara are changing the face of the beauty industry as you know it with their business Forgotten Age Beauty (FAB) – Here at The Women’s Organisation we wanted to find out more!

Liz and Sara told us; ‘We are spearheading a drive to encourage women in the 60 plus age group to be more confident in themselves and to let society know that their skills are vital to the ever changing face of the UK. This group have become an invisible age and their skills are being neglected. With our knowledge and understanding in the hair and beauty industry, we want women to come forward with their images or self-worth issues that may be holding them back and know and believe that they are forever age beauties.’

FAB runs via Consultations with taster sessions for £10. Prior to this Liz and Sara both owned hair and beauty salons so have years of experience within the industry, but it was when they began to take a step back from working full time that they realised they wanted to continue making women feel good about themselves, and that’s how they came to form FAB!

Liz & Sara
To get the business started, Liz and Sara had a number of meetings and discussions together as their first step, to make sure they were decided and clear on their aims and objectives. After this they began to speak to their friends and families to get some feedback on their ideas. 

Liz and Sara said; ‘Deciding on our business name was the third step and as we were aiming our business idea at a forgotten age of mature women, who all have an individual beauty, we decided our name would be Forgotten Age Beauty (FAB), we felt exhilarated and excited once we had decided on our name, and ideas starting coming together.’

On top of the work they were undertaking themselves to progress their business, Liz and Sara also got in touch with The Women’s Organisation to receive support and guidance and were paired up with our Business Adviser; Yan Miao. ‘Yan became our mentor and advised us as well as booking us onto different courses that would help us and our business. The advice from Yan helped us to focus on surrounding issues related to our business, and particularly our website. The advice that we have been given by The Women’s Organisation has been invaluable as it’s created a networking forum and a support mechanism.’

So how is their business getting on now? Liz and Sara told us; ‘Our business is evolving. We are still in the early stages, but we want to encourage all mature women to use their skills, through making them feel confident so we can all contribute to the changing face of the UK future. We do totally believe that we can help women through our own experiences and expertise, and are delighted that women are approaching us who would like advice and help to build their confidence.’

And what advice would they offer to a woman who was looking to start up her own business ‘Love what you do first, don’t take no for an answer. You have to believe in yourself. And make sure you contact The Women’s Organisation for support, guidance and mentoring.’

It was great to hear about Liz and Sara’s new business venture and we wish them all the best of luck for the future with it!

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