Tuesday, July 19, 2016

New 'Change It' Programme Starting NEXT WEEK Supporting Women with a Mental Health Condition

Following the successful pilot project of 'change it' run by The Women's Organisation earlier this year, we are pleased to announce we have our next 8 week programme starting on Tuesday 26th July 10am-2pm. 'Change it' offers women living in Liverpool who have a diagnosed mental health condition opportunity to meet weekly with women in a similar situation to them, and to work together towards positive change. Guided by experienced Training Coordinator Bernie Cox, the women will be supported to develop new tools for building a more positive future and opportunity to start to think about future goals. 

Photography by Jess Lang Photography

We asked some of the women who took part in the last 'change it' programme what they will be taking away. Here is what they told us:

“I’m taking away self-belief in my own ability. I feel what I embark on I can achieve. I’m hopeful for the future.”

“It highlighted what I have actually done. I’ve got a book now with all of my achievements in. I can look and say ‘I’ve done that, and I’ve done that’.”

“Last week we were talking about ‘why wait’. It made me think yes, why wait? So I’m definitely going to go to college or something. You tend to think that while you are in recovery, oh I’ll just wait until…, but why? Why just sit at home? I might as well do things now.”

During the 8 week programme women will look at:

  • Positive Thinking and Learning about Yourself

Developing positive thinking skills and how to think effectively

Identifying positive achievements in our lives

Identifying our beliefs and values and how this impacts on our relationships and decisions

Completing a ‘learning styles’ questionnaire to understand what type of learner we are and how this can affect us

  • Breaking negative thinking habits

How to Become a More Assertive You

Understanding the difference between assertive, passive and aggressive behaviours.

Learning how to say no in a positive way

Building your communication skills

  • Managing Change

Understanding the impact of transition

Learning about where you are in your transition curve

  • How to Present Yourself with Confidence

Accepting compliments

Understanding how to avoid self-sabotage

  • Building an Effective Employability Toolkit

Setting achievable goals

Understanding the difference between skills and qualities

Completing a skills audit and developing a personal profile

  • Understanding How to Get the Job You Want

Understanding the process of job applications and requirements of employers

Learning how to present yourself with confidence at interview

If you are working with women you feel may benefit from joining this programme, or are a woman with a mental health condition who is ready to make a positive change and would like to find out more, please contact Bernie Cox on 0151 706 8111 or hello@thewo.org.uk.

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