Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Saudi Arabian Incubation Centre Visits 54 St James Street

This blog has been written for us by a great new member of our team; Sam Millne, who is joining us this week for work experience…
On 12th July 2016, four young Saudi Arabian women, led by Barry Wheatley, came to us at The Women’s Organisation in 54 St James Street Liverpool to learn about how we do things at The Women’s Organisation and what they can take from this and transfer it into their way of life.

They are employed by the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) who has a programme called Badir (which means ‘Let’s get on with it’). They are working as part of an initiative that is trying to diversify the Saudi Arabian economy through development of non-oil technology industries. This has the objective of building a knowledge based economy in Saudi Arabia.

During the visit we took them to a conference room and told them about the work we do at, here, at The Women’s Organisation. They had many questions to ask us and they also shared what they have been doing, with us. Their incubator facility hosts many different types of businesses including one which has created a forum where tourists can talk about the time they has in the desert and they had created a breakdown service. They offer incubators such as and information and technology incubator or a biotechnology incubator.

After the conference took place, we gave them a tour of our wonderful building. They were guided round by Sam Millne, Sabah Shams and Jo Mountfort. One of the women named Deema said ‘the building’s fantastic’  and commenting on Sabah Sham’s role in The Women’s Organisation she said ‘having a Muslim role model is fascinating’. Sarah –another one of the women- went on to say that she ‘can feel the team working spirit’ only highlighting our team’s positive mental attitude.

The tour took them to the fourth floor where they were greeted with the delights of the view from our terraced balcony. Shahad said she was ‘surprised at how beautiful and welcoming Liverpool is’.
At the end of the visit Sarah said ‘she was amazed how there’s something designed for women in business’ and Barry Wheatley complemented us by saying ‘I think what you’re doing here is brilliant’

Overall the visit was a huge success and there were many lessons to be learnt for both parties. We are going to keep contact with the women from Badir and hopefully learn more from each other going forward.

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