Thursday, September 29, 2016

54 St James Street Tenant Of The Month - Social Know How CIC

So, Tenant of the Month is back! Each month we will be publishing an interview with one of our lovely tenants in the building, asking them what they like about the building and finding out what their business is all about!

This month we spoke to a Virtual Tenant of ours - Social Know How CIC. Founder Helen Ball wrote this short piece about her business and her working relationship with 54 St James Street and The Women's Organisation. 

'The past few months have been exciting times! Since leaving the world of social house I have been working hard 'behind the scenes' establishing my new social enterprise - Social Know How CIC - which officially launched in May this year.

I am a Virtual Tenant at 54 St James Street but I am often in and around the building, there's always something going on or interesting people to talk to so it's got a great vibe. The help and support I have received from the team at The Women's Organisation has been second-to-none and I would thoroughly recommend any women itching to put her entrepreneurial ideas into action to contact them!

There are also other female-led businesses within the building that provided additional services like web development, branding, marketing and PR, accountancy, coaching etc. Which are vital to getting your business off the ground.

Social Know How is a Community Interest Company based in Liverpool and working across the North West, that aims to help public, private and third sector organisations understand, increase, measure and communicate their social, environmental and economic impact. 

I am particularly passionate about demystifying social impact measurement by encouraging organisations and individuals to grasp it with both hands and just get on and start measuring! So often organisations procrastinate around social impact measurement. Social impact analysis is an iterative process, that builds year on year and project by project, to enable organisations to understand, prioritise and improve their activity over time. So unless you dive in and start, the benefits of this cumulative process will never begin!

With hard decisions to be made about what organisations should and could spend their money on, it has never been more important to understand what 'bang for your buck' you are getting. 

But it's not just about the money...The benefits for doing social impact analysis are wide and many, and further details of why and how you should do it ca
n be found on our website here, along with information about how Social Know How can help.'

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