Thursday, September 29, 2016

Laura Taylor Amazed our Business Club Women with her Science of Making Sales Tips!

'The Science of Making Sales' was the hot topic for this month's Business Club networking event at The Women's Organisation and guest speaker Laura Taylor certainly left us with food for thought.  

Laura Taylor who is Lead Tutor at the East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce (Our event partners) specialises in areas such as body language, procurement and influencing. As an experienced Corporate Trainer who has trained over 2500 professionals, Laura has worked across the UK and globally for multi-national organisations. She is currently the only qualified UK body Language Trainer from the world’s largest human behavioural Lab – The Science of People and is passionate about the scientific background of the theory that she teaches.

Chatting to Laura before the event she explained that some of her training had been through the Science of People and that she really had soaked in the best of the best worldwide.  As well as understanding body language and non-verbal sales indicators, she is also a trained human lie detector! With this in mind we were all on our best behaviour waiting to see what gems Laura would share.

Laura started by asking us what we notice first when talking to a person.  Our Business Growth Adviser Ali McGrath got a gold star for correctly identifying that it is hands.  Making your hand gestures too wildly can come across as agressive.  Laura explained about the invisible glass box that sits just in front of us and is the comfort zone for our gestures.

Within a 30 minute conversation, according to Laura, over 800 non-verbal communication signals are exchanged.  The key to making a successful sale is to concentrate as much on these indicators as what is being said verbally.

Not surprisingly, the women attending went home, minds blown and ready to practice their confident handshake.  Here are some of the comments that were left with our team at the end of the evening:

"Amazing! Very interesting, Thanks WO"
"Fascinating and really interesting – fastest 2.5 hours ever"
"Brilliantly informative and delivered with humour and loads of knowledge"
"Very positive session thank you"
"Can we have more?"
"Really helpful to think about how you sit before a meeting and power posing before you meet your client can boost your confidence"
"Fabulous! Super encouraging – I learnt so much!"
"Loved It! Thank you so much it really made me think"
"Mind boggling! So much to know about body language. Could have listened all day."

Massive thanks to Laura and East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce for partnering with us on this event.

If you are looking to network with other business women and build your business skills, visit our website to find out more on how to join our Business Club and take advantage of events like this.   

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