Friday, September 30, 2016

Liverpool Born Model Pippa Melody Is Chasing Her Modelling Dream In London

Now you can believe us when we tell you that we are one big, happy family here at The Women’s Organisation. And as families will do, we will tell everyone when we have a big announcement to make, or if we are especially proud of another family member!

This year we welcomed a new member to The Women’s Organisation team, Sue Phillips (Check out our interview with Sue here!) who is part of our Administration team, and would you believe how long it took Sue to tell us all about her fantastic daughter – Pippa and Pippa’s latest achievements!?

It wasn’t until Sue brought in a copy of Betty magazine and proudly announced that it was her daughter who was the cover star, that we got to find out all about Pippa and her modelling that has taken her down to London!

Pippa Melody at just 23 years old is already taking the fashion world by storm and we couldn’t be more proud of her! Two years ago Grazia magazine came up to Liverpool to check out the fashion and beauty scene in the city and stumbled upon Pippa and singled her out! 

Now, she has completed her BSc in Psychology (Which she got a first in!) and lives down in London modelling full time. Pippa told us that she hopes to one day get her Masters in Psychology and that she also loves to write short stories, poetry and haikus!

Check out these gorgeous photos of Pippa and you can follow what she gets up to over on Instagram!

Congratulations to Pippa, everyone here at The Women’s Organisation is incredibly proud of your achievements and wish you all the very best for the future!

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