Friday, September 9, 2016

Thought Leader #6 | Rebecca Keegan | Good News Liverpool

The Women’s Organisation Thought Leader Series is back with our sixth reflection. We have previously spoken to Hana Awwad of Chocolate Envelope Designs, Jennie Riding from Ancorra Environmental Services Ltd, Lisa Pearson from the Hampson Hughes Group, Maggie Mullan, Principal at Maggie Mullan Architects Ltd and Lesley Dixon, Chief Executive of Person Shaped Support. This month we spoke to Rebecca Keegan, Director of REK Publications Ltd which publishes her creation; Good News Liverpool.

‘A thought leader is an individual that is recognised as an authority in a specialised field, and whose expertise is sought and often rewarded.’

So who is Rebecca Keegan? She is the woman who last month celebrated the first birthday of her newspaper by sending 100 birthday cakes to 100 of Liverpool’s most influential people, she is the woman who within in one year has her newspaper stocked in over 150 different places across Merseyside, and she is the woman who decided that exactly what Liverpool needed was more good news…

Good News Liverpool is the first ever tabloid newspaper which only publishes positive stories. It’s a full tabloid with news pages, features, sports pages and even a crossword and comic strip.  Rebecca told us; ‘The main reason I set up Good News Liverpool was that I was fed up of always reading bad news. There’s a need out there for good news, positive stories, hope, happiness, success and fun. This newspaper provides a platform for that.’

And indeed it does! Flicking through last month’s edition there’s a piece on students succeeding in their dreams to work for Hollywood fashion giants, a story about the man who built the greatest docks in the world – our city’s own - and an article on the record number of film and TV productions that were filmed in Liverpool.

Good News Liverpool launched in August 2015 and its circulation has been rising ever since with more readers, more web visits and more advertisers. 

Rebecca told us; ‘It’s amazing to be a part of changing people’s perception of what news is. It’s not always bad news – and front page headlines shouldn’t always be gruesome or scary. Positive news is just as, if not more important for us to be informed about.’

As well as bringing a healthy dose of positivity to Liverpool each month Rebecca also has a part time role as a Marketing Manager at Morecrofts Solicitors, a firm which is rapidly growing and modernising, and also manages the Merseyside Independent Business Awards which was founded by Morecrofts back in 2013, becoming one of the largest dinners in the city’s calendar. And last but not least, Rebecca also owns Seen Liverpool, the city’s only LGBT webzine containing stories, blogs and updates about and for Liverpool’s LGBT community.

So, it’s clear to see that Rebecca Keegan is a woman who is spinning many different plates and as one of her key philosophies is ‘Don’t overthink things’, it’s easy to understand why! ‘If I have an idea and it feels right, I usually just go for it!’

Rebecca continued; ‘Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t and I’ll iron out the creases as I go along. Planning is key in many parts of business – this is something I am still learning and these days I tend to stop and think more before I act – but there’s also a lot of room in life for leaping at an opportunity and grabbing it before weighing up every single angle. That could take forever! I’d rather regret what I have done than regret what I haven’t!’

And right now it seems like Rebecca hasn’t got any reasons to have regrets, as each aspect of her business and career continues to grow and move forward! Prior to starting Good News Liverpool Rebecca qualified as a journalist in 2006 and went straight into a role as a News Reporter on Champion Newspapers in Southport before editing a glossy magazine for the same company. She told us that; ‘The business I went into would always be in publishing. It’s my strongest skill-set and something I’m incredibly passionate about.’

So, what’s next for Rebecca and the next chapter of Good News Liverpool? Well, when we asked her what three words she would use to describe her business, she said this…

Breaking. The. Mould.

And that’s what she will continue to do. Soon a subscription service will be available for the newspaper which has been a demand since the launch! And Rebecca is also in talks with a major technology firm about digital expansion! ‘Good News Liverpool is one of a kind. It’s cheering people up and that’s something in huge demand right now. Picking up any general newspaper is something we do on a daily basis and there’s always so much doom and gloom. Good News is breaking that tradition.’

‘We want to show that good news has a place on the front page…’

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