Thursday, November 3, 2016

54 Event: WEP Leader Sophie Walker Will Be Asking Liverpool 'What Do Women Want?'

At 54 St James Street we are always proud to host a variety of interesting events, so we are delighted to be welcoming The Women’s Equality Party who will be visiting 54 on 9th November to ask ‘what do women want?’.

What Women Want 2.0 is the sequel to a 20-year old campaign that gave women the opportunity to voice what really matters to them. Party Leader, Sophie Walker will be leading the event and offering and insight into women’s thoughts, needs and experiences.

Branch Co-Chairs Pamela Ball and Tabitha Morton said: “The Women’s Equality Party has launched a national conversation with women in communities across the country, asking them the simple question ‘what do you want?’

Twenty years ago, postcards were sent to women across Britain asking them the same question. Ten thousand women responded and this ground-breaking study changed the course of British politics. - fast forward to now and the Women’s Equality Party, led by Sophie Walker is teaming with What Women Want to launch the project again.

“WE are renewing and expanding this historic campaign for the twenty-first century, not only asking what women want but also making plans to provide that.”

The event is taking place right here at 54 St James Street on Wednesday 9th November between 7-9pm and you can register your attendance here!

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