Tuesday, November 29, 2016

BUSINESS TIPS: Teleprint’s Tips for Saving Time and Money on Document Printing

It is a well-known fact that with all necessary print outs using electricity, ink/toner and paper, printing is one of the most pricey burdens for office budgeting. The cost of the printer is a one-off, but endless replenishment of ink reminds you of the true cost of printing. Despite this, office printing is an unavoidable 'MUST' for most businesses. So just how can businesses minimise their long-term printing expenditure? This month we caught up with Ian Fitzpatrick from Teleprint to lend us his expertise in saving time and money with document printing. 

Tips for Saving Time and Money with your Document Printing

1) Make sure your machine is fit for purpose

"The photocopier/printer industry is very diverse and vendors have many ways to try and maximise the money they make out of customers. There are many pitfalls and if you aren’t careful you can end up with an onerous contract over many years that aren’t suitable for your business requirements. In this sector of the market the biggest opportunity to make money is by supplying second hand equipment, this equipment is often referred to as refurbished, reconditioned, ex showroom etc when in fact it has been in another customers business and they have replaced it because it wasn’t working satisfactorily. My advice is to avoid this sort of machine as they tend to be unreliable and of poor quality. Our business only supplies new printers and photocopiers as our reputation and our customer’s happiness is paramount"

2) Pick a service contract that suits your business needs 

"A large percentage of customers use colour extensively and one of the biggest uncontrolled costs within businesses is print costs. An example of this is a client we supplied equipment to recently who was spending £2000 per annum on two colour multi-functional printers, the majority of the prints had minimal colour coverage but they were paying 6.5p per page. We analysed the usage and put them on a three tiered billing platform that reduced the majority of prints to 2p per page. As we work closely with our clients, we offer a bespoke package which caters to their business needs. We supply state of the art equipment with mobile printing but most importantly reducing the annual spend by £1000.00 per annum"

3) Use the experts

"My advice to businesses looking to buy Photocopiers/printers is to look for a manufacturer service if possible. Many people in this industry use compatible parts and toners to increase profitability and often don’t adhere to service schedules again to make more money. Compatible parts affect the performance of equipment and impact greatly on the print quality they also impact on the validity of warranties. Our business only uses manufacturer direct service with genuine parts and toners, this ensures our clients get the best experience possible and we can deliver on our promises.

"In a nutshell the copier/printer industry has many pitfalls for a business who buys into a company misrepresenting the real condition of the equipment they offer. Often the customer doesn’t take into account the true total cost of ownership and the impact having unreliable poor performing equipment has on a business. If a company sends out correspondence with poor print quality that is a representation of your business not the supplier. We know from experience that as a return on investment (ROI) new well maintained equipment is always the best way forward and takes away any poor performance issues."

So there you have it – three tips of excellence from an expert! If you would like to find out more about Teleprint, visit http://www.teleprint.co.uk/ or follow them on Twitter or Facebook

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