Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Future of the Workplace: A Virtual Office and How It Can Benefit You

The Women’s Organisation is built on a team of professional experts who help bring business ideas to life, and many of those light-bulb ideas are now established businesses housed right here in tenanted offices at 54 St James Street. But we know that not every business requires or has reached the stage of needing a permanent space just yet. 

The internet has revolutionised the way we do business meaning working hours are no longer confined to the 9-till-5 mentality. Gone are the days of high rise buildings and corporate domination, business in the 21st century is about finding what works for you. 

This also means that a PR company could run single-handedly from a laptop in a bedroom, and with the safety of a virtual office clients and associates would never know otherwise. This is because we are in the thick of an Information Age where companies reap the benefits of computerisation, and in many cases our business’ online presence is more important than our business' physical presence – do we even really need an office anymore?

One of the very great benefits of self-employment is being able to operate a business where you want and when you want, with only a laptop in tow. Virtual offices make it possible for start-ups to establish a professional image without breaking the bank.

Virtual offices provide a professional address, presenting an established company, spurs website optimisation and keeps your business and home life separate. It gives you a city-centre location whilst disregarding the daily commute, increasing both workplace productivity and your free-time. Lastly and most importantly, virtual offices allow businesses to save money and invest that money in growth – for every penny you save through a lack of bills, rent, insurance and maintenance, you can invest back into expanding your company. 

We spoke to some of our virtual tenants to find out why they wanted a virtual office, comments included;

“Didn't want my business to look amateur by using a home address”

“Needed a Liverpool City Centre address, but did not need office space”

“The nature of my business means I would not want it registered at my home address. And I simply do not need an actual office”

“It is a good option to separate business from family”

“As I am out at client’s premises a lot and have a home office, I didn't need full time office facilities, but did want to portray a professional business image”

As a virtual office user at 54 St James Street our reception team will receive and hold postal mail for collection and welcome your visitors when notified in advance. You will receive a 10% discount on meeting room bookings within the building, inclusion in web and social media promotion and access to free wireless internet access in the Centre.

We asked our virtual tenants what it is they like most about being based at 54 St James Street, comments included:
“Support from the WO and feeling of belonging in the building”

“We have been very happy with the virtual office service provided to date and with how we have been looked after/dealt with when booking and using meeting space”

“I think you have a great office facility there and wish I had the need to use it more frequently”

We have a dedicated team to take care of your virtual office requirements and packages that start from only £18 per month*. You can call in and have a chat with our Buildings Manager Laura Anderson, you can email us at or you can even arrange your virtual office over the phone (0151 706 8111). 

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