Friday, January 20, 2017

Knowsley Based Katie Davies Decided Working For Herself Was The Answer With Her Business ‘Hello You Beauty’

Katie Davies, a single parent to 3 children from Whiston, Knowsley decided back in 2012 to begin making changes in her life. Previously Katie had worked as a barmaid and waitress and spent time raising her young family. Katie told us; ‘I never really knew what I wanted as a career, but I always knew that I wanted to be successful and I wanted a job that I enjoyed doing. I decided to start a college course as Beauty Therapist, more out of general interest at first.’

But as soon as Katie began her studies, it was clear to her that she had found her passion! She completed her Level 2 and 3 Beauty Therapy at Knowsley Community College as with as her further studies at Riverside College. ‘I knew when I started studying straightaway that this was what I wanted to do as a profession’ and Katie found that she loved the science of the course mixed with the creativity of it; ‘It was my two passions rolled into one. So I knew early on when I was starting my Level 2 Beauty Therapy course that I was planning on being a Mobile Beauty Therapist.’

Once Katie had decided that she would be setting up her own business, she began to build her kit making sure she had everything that she would need to be a freelance. ‘I then heard about The Women’s Organisation and when I was in a position to launch I got in touch with them!’ and although Katie admits that she was nervous at first she soon got the ball rolling after she was paired up with Business Adviser; Francine Taylor. ‘The support I’ve been given has been amazing, and because of that my confidence grew massively and it didn’t feel so scary. It felt exciting!’

Katie attended three courses at The Women’s Organisation; Planning for Success, Understanding Tax and National Insurance and Basic Bookkeeping and worked with Francine to put together a solid business plan. ‘Francine has been absolutely amazing! She’s given me some great ideas about expanding my business and has put me in touch with some great connections, I couldn’t be more grateful.’

Now, Katie’s business, ‘Hello You Beauty’, is going from strength to strength. As a Mobile Beauty Therapist Katie offers a range of beauty, make-up and massage treatments for clients in the comfort of their own homes, all across her local area. ‘Things are going really well so far. I have almost doubled sales projections for the past two months and I’m excited for the future of the business as there are so many different directions I want to explore.’
And for Katie, she is now able to enjoy the benefits of being her own boss. ‘I had always been employed before, meaning someone else was in charge of my shifts and the days I worked. Now I can fit my workload around my children.’

‘But the best thing about running my own business is that it gives me the freedom to do a job that I love. It’s a passion and doesn’t feel like work at all. It also allows me to still be a full time Mum, so I get the best of both worlds!’

And Katie is planning big for the future of ‘Hello You Beauty’. As well as currently running the business and looking after her family, she is studying Level 4 Micropigmentation. ‘After I have completed this, I intend to progress onto arrange of advanced skills within the industry, become a qualified trainer and eventually open up my own training academy.’

If you would like to find out more about Katie’s business, you can do so using the contact details below!

Phone Number: 07519 753035 

And if you’ve been inspired by Katie’s story and would like help starting your own business, then contact us! You can email us on or ring us on 0151 706 8111

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