Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Social Stock Exchange Lands In Liverpool...

The Social Stock Exchange – Where profit meets purpose’
Something exciting is arriving in Liverpool this month, it’s the launch of the Social Stock Exchange, after its success in London. The Social Stock Exchange is seeking to make a link between businesses and investors who are seeking to make positive social and environmental impact through their activities.

Bridging the gap between businesses and investors, it is here to make change. ‘It stands for change. Change in the way that investments are sought – and sold’ In a much more regulated way and with a validation process in place that benefits both parties, businesses can be listed and investors can be paired with them. ‘These companies can be big or small; so long as they have the potential to deliver viable returns and can demonstrate how they will adhere to their own social and/or environmental mandates and missions.

The Social Stock Exchange is a new way of thinking and doing things. ‘It’s the only marketplace where you can find impact investments and register your social impact business’ as well as this there are events hosted which help to build connections and momentum in this new sector

To find out more about the Social Stock Exchange, visit their website! And we look forward to seeing more of this fantastic work in the Liverpool City Region. 

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