Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Toolkit for Change: Supporting Women with a Mental Health Condition πŸ™Œ

Following the success of our last ‘Toolkit for Change’, we will be running our next programme on Tuesday 21st of March from 54 St James Street, home to The Women’s Organisation.

Toolkit for Change, led by Training Coordinator, Bernie Cox, is an empowering 8 week programme for women in Liverpool who have a diagnosed mental health condition and are looking for support to build a more positive future.

We launched Toolkit for Change last year and have since run five programmes, impacting the lives of many local women along the way. Through weekly sessions, Toolkit for Change covers many topics including; positive thinking, learning about yourself, becoming more assertive, managing change and presenting yourself with confidence.

We interviewed the women who had completed the programme and asked them what differences it had made to their lives and found out whether or not they had ‘changed it’.

We asked the women what they enjoyed most about the programme, one course attendee told us; “I think that the activities we’ve done have been really self-reflective. Some of them really resonated with me and helped me understand what stage I’m at, how I can move forward, what’s important to me and what’s not important to me. Now I’m ready in my day-to-day life, to implement things that I’ve learnt here and take it away with me.”

Another said:  “What we’ve done over the last 8-weeks has been a lot about self-care and looking after ourselves. Not beating ourselves up too much and just realising that actually we are okay and we can do this. We’re not by any means at the end of our journey – but who is? We just need that nurturing and for someone to say; ‘come on, you can do this’. It’s given me the tools to help myself and to believe in myself”

Toolkit for Change offers a fantastic opportunity to meet likeminded women. One course attendee told us that the ‘best thing’ about Toolkit for Change was; “Building relationships - to come into a room where people understand innately what’s going on, rather than having to explain everything.”

Another said: “We want to stay in touch, and that’s a really nice thing. Generally in life it can be hard to meet people and make new friends, especially when things are tough.”

When we asked the women if they thought they had ‘changed it’, one course attendee told us: "whilst being on this course, I have come off my anti-depressants. I’ve been off them for 5-weeks now and if I came here and didn’t have this support network, I don’t know whether I would have - I’ve ‘changed it’."

When we asked the women what they had planned for the future, one course-attendee had moved onto our business planning course; “The Women’s Organisation nurture your business idea and ambitions, but also the personal side too. Having that really nice balance and working with the same people, building trust with the same people that have your wellbeing at heart – having that all intermingled is really nice actually.”

Thanks to all the women who took part in the interview!

If you are a female living in Liverpool with a diagnosed mental health condition and looking for support to building a positive future, or if you would like to refer someone, our next Toolkit for Change programme will commence on Tuesday 21st of March. If you would like to find out more, get in touch with our Engagement team on 0151 706 8111 or email hello@thewo.org.uk.

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