Thursday, May 18, 2017

5 Reasons To Use Hootsuite For Your Business 💻

Are you struggling to manage the social media aspect of your business? The Women’s Organisation are running a Hootsuite course providing essential information for your business. By the end of the course you will have been shown how to set up your own Hootsuite account and link this to your Social Media business accounts, and get to grips with scheduling content on Hootsuite. Once you have got to grips with this platform, Hootsuite will be your business’s best friend.

So, why should you use Hootsuite for your business?

Control: Hootsuite allows you to monitor various social media streams in just one place. There are up to 35 streams you can engage with using Hootsuite including: Twitter, Facebook and WordPress blogs. Connecting to such a wide platform of social media saves you vital time.
Scheduling posts: One of the best features of Hootsuite is the ability to schedule your business posts. This allows you to create scheduled social media posts to be published at crucial times when posts are often read. Using this will build up more followers and boost your business. Scheduling your posts are simple, you just pick the day and time to suit your business needs. You can schedule up to 350 messages to all your social media networks!
Analytics: Hootsuite provides you with a unique analytic feature offering an insightful view of how successful your social media content is. From this, you can find out what times work best for your posts. The tool tracks access all the social media platforms that are delivered in a simple series of charts.

Target your audience: Using the analytic tool on Hootsuite allows you to pinpoint your audience. You will be able to accurately work on successfully targeting customers using vital social media that reaches out to them. This offers invaluable information on where your faults and strengths lie in your business content.

Team Collaboration: This feature of Hootsuite allows you to add multiple team members to any social media account. You will be able to see who is posting different information and scheduled posts. Assigning tasks, adding team members and editing posts are just a few key features of this tool.

If you would like to get started on Hootsuite for your business but struggling to set up, come along to our monthly course! The next upcoming date for this course is Tuesday 11th April at 10am-1pm, so don't miss out! Please contact us for further details and prices on or 0151 706 8111.

Or, you can purchase tickets here 

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