Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Networking Was Super Speedy At #WOBizClub

Speedy networking! That was the theme of last week’s Business Club event and boy was it speedy! We had a room full of business women who turned up raring to go and they didn’t disappoint.

To kick off with, our Training Coordinator; Bernie Cox, welcomed everyone and introduced the idea of speed networking, as some of our guests hadn’t taken part in anything like this before. Bernie also gave us her own networking tips and tricks, such as remembering to always give 2 business cards instead of just the 1!

After the welcomes and introductions and with everyone familiar with the rules, it was time to get networking! Half of the woman moved around the room every five minutes, whilst the other half stayed in their seats, this meant that in under an hour nearly everyone had spoken to each other!

Each pair was given 5 minutes to speak to each other, and once this was up, it was time to say goodbye, exchange business cards and move onto the next person, giving our business woman a real challenge of staying focussed and on topic!

We had some fantastic feedback from the event like this…

‘I have met some amazing people! I came in feeling really nervous but left feeling really excited. Thank you!’

‘Friendly, inspiring and lovely to meet lots of people open to the idea of sharing and collaborating!’

‘Really good fun and helpful. It was my first networking attempt and I think I managed not to mess up!’

‘Really good opportunity to meet interesting people in a relaxed atmosphere’

So, all in all, our speedy networking was a success!

Thank you so much to all of the business women who attended and networked with us. It definitely got us in the mood for our next event...

The Summer Social at Constellations on Wednesday 23rd August, see more details and grab your tickets here! 

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