Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Who Joined Business Club At Our Sunny Summer Social?!

Last week marked one of our favourite events of the year, it was the Business Club Summer Social! ☀☀☀

Last Wednesday we hosted our Summer Social at the fantastic Baltic Triangle location, Constellations and what a great evening it was!

We had a room full of business women inside the beautiful, light space at Constellations and we all agreed that it was great to have a change of location and shake things up a bit!

Sponsors of the event, MSB Solicitors kindly provided us with welcome drinks so whether that was a gin and tonic, glass of wine or a soft drink, everyone felt very looked after! So thank you to MSB for that! J

As always, the Summer Social was a purely networking evening, but we did get the chance to hear a few words from Wendy Evans of MSB Solicitors about the type of work that they do, and also we heard an incredible story from our featured business, Emma Purchase of Sweet Pea & Little Wolf who shared her experience of the evening on our Facebook page the next day!

Here’s what Emma had to say;

‘I got to spend the evening with the amazing Women’s Org again last night at Constellations in the Baltic Triangle, for their big Business Club Summer Social, where I met a whole bunch of inspirational strong women!

The Women’s Organisation has always been a great source of strength and support for me, I’ve gained an enormous amount of knowledge about starting up my own business. I basically got told to give up on trying to start my own business at every turn, as I had no capital, no previous experience of starting up a business and because I was a single mother who was and still is struggling financially.

For me, this is a few of the reasons why I wanted to start up my own business! I’ve always took a challenge on with gusto. And if that means skipping a few meals for me to pay for stock or to get to the nest level for my business, or being up every morning to work on new designs and more ideas, then that’s what I’ll do! I have this force that pushes me to achieve the best for my girls, to show them you can make something of yourself from getting your head down and working day and night!

I especially take great strength from pursuing this crazy venture as a single mum! So, thank you to everyone at The Women’s Org, you all do a magnificent job! And to everyone who also has ideas of a venture, or a dream of something different, start NOW! Push the boundaries! Take that risk, start your own magnificent, bold, life-changing journey. Good luck!’

How amazing is that?! And for us, THAT is what Business Club and indeed The Women’s Organisation is all about! The evening was spent networking away with women just like Emma! Who have taken the chance and changed their lives. And we couldn’t be more proud and honoured to spend time with them all!

So! If you came and networked with us at our Summer Social, thank you! We hope you had a lovely time, we know we did! And thank you again to our event sponsor; MSB Solicitors!

If you want to find out about MSB, you can do so here! And if you’d like to find out more about Business Club and becoming a member, you can do so here!

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