Our Mission

At The Women's Organisation our mission is to reach out to all women, and for all women, to enhance their role in their own lives, in their local communities, in business and in the wider world.
We will work with women from diverse communities, delivering a broad range of services that will inspire and enable them to become economically active and personally fulfilled, including:
  • Personal development – promoting self-confidence and self reliance, community participation, health and wellbeing, and social skills.
  • Education – providing training and education to enhance economic and social status, develop leadership skills and improve employment prospects.
  • Business support –assisting the development of new business ventures, supporting existing businesses to be sustainable and to grow and providing a range of business services including business incubation, office and meeting spaces and specific technical support
We will also work with governments, international organisations, policy makers and communities large and small, to promote women’s issues by:
  • Delivering knowledge – from both our own practice based work and the research of other leading experts in the field.
  • Changing perceptions – by raising awareness amongst decision makers about the scale of problems facing women in today’s economy
  • Influencing policy – by campaigning for women’s interests and advocating change at the highest levels.
As part of this mission, we have successfully delivered a significant number of substantial UK and EU programmes and we are now the first choice partner for many government and European initiatives. We also work with a range of trust funds, philanthropic organisations and private business as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility programmes, to deliver positive change for women from all walks of life.

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