Tuesday, November 14, 2017

'Feel The Fear, And Do It Anyway!' Says Katie Bigelow of Little Sunshine Yoga

Knowsley based Katie Bigelow has some incredible words of wisdom for us all! Her tip for anyone starting a business (but we think it applies to all areas of our lives) is...

'Feel the fear, and do it anyway!'

Here's Katie's story...

Katie started working with children over 20 years ago in a number of settings such as schools, nurseries and educational environments.  At the age of 32 she decided to further her career and train to become a teacher. 

During her teaching degree she completed a children’s yoga course which allowed her to teach children’s yoga in the schools that she worked in on placement.  She had practiced mindfulness and yoga herself for many years and recognised the impact this had on well-being such as improved resilience, positivity, self-awareness, determination and focus. 

Some of Katie's young yogi's!
Once she qualified she went on another children’s yoga course which gave her the inspiration to focus on mental health support for children rather than education.  She then completed a mindfulness diploma.

With the help of The Women’s Organisation and Senior Business Adviser; Francine Taylor, she says she was given the confidence to leave her job and focus on her new business ‘Little Sunshine Mindfulness and Yoga’ which began in April 2017. 

Katie says ‘This is the best thing I have ever done as I am so passionate about how yoga and mindfulness can improve children's and adult’s well-being and mindset.  It really changed my life so the passion comes from the heart’. 

Katie has taught yoga in Calderstone’s Storybarn bringing yoga and literature together and is now teaching in a number of schools across Knowsley and Liverpool providing mindfulness strategies for children and teaching staff that calm the mind, reducing stress and anxiety.

A relaxing space to practice!
She says the benefits include improving children’s cognitive development, relationships with others, resilience, performance, self-esteem, concentration, determination and how to support their emotional intelligence. 

Not only does she work in schools but she also provides a 4-week mindfulness course from her home in North Liverpool which have become very popular, supporting people in her local area. 

Katie says; ‘The Women’s Organisation helped me to realise that everyone starting a business has a fear of failure but if you have a passion you just have to go for it regardless! Knowing that everyone feels the same way.’

‘My mottos is; Feel the fear and do it anyway!’

Little Sunshine!
Katie says it hasn’t been easy with being a mum to 2 children, training to be an adult yoga teacher, advertising and working it is hard but determination, passion and focus keeps you going.

‘The Women’s Organisation provided me with information, advice and training that were invaluable!’

For more information about ‘Little Sunshine Mindfulness and Yoga’ visit her website www.littlesunshineyoga.co.uk

And, if you’ve been inspired by Katie’s story and would like support to start your own business, then get in touch with us today! Email hello@thewo.org.uk or ring us on 0151 706 8111

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