Tuesday, March 24, 2020

EntreComp at work in China

Insights from Jing Zhang, The Women's Organisation and Enterprise Evolution’s partner in China

After reading EntreComp into Action, I realised it could help improve the enterprise education provision in China. I became passionate about it after hearing Dr. Margherita Bacigalupo’s elaboration on how it could be used in her presentation at IEEC 2018 International Enterprise Educators Conference where we shared the platform as keynote speakers .  In April 2019, I invited Margherita to visit China to introduce EntreComp to more than 300 delegates at a national conference, followed by a one-day workshop in Ningbo University of Finance and Economics.

The EntreComp framework has proved to be helpful in the following ways:

First, it clarifies that we can learn to become entrepreneurial, through creating value for others. The value that is created can be financial, cultural and social.  With this broader sense of value in mind, we find many more opportunities for our students to work on.

Second, the 442 learning outcomes are enlightening, and serve as guidance in curriculum design. Not all of our teachers have heard of Bloom’s taxonomy and many find it hard to write effective learning outcomes. EntreComp into Action is a handy tool providing practical support.

Last but not the least, entrepreneurship is a key competence for life-long learning. The earlier the better. I am a strong advocate of introducing enterprise education into schools. In the social enterprise I run in my village, I have provided 4 workshops for local school children.  And to further build the capacity of our early-years educators, Alison Price, Principal Consultant, Enterprise Evolution UK, delivered an EntreComp-inspired workshop to a number of our kindergarten managers.

EntreComp is an integral part of my teacher training and professional development programme, known as Creating Entrepreneurial Outcomes, or CEO for short. I use both posters and sets of EntreComp cards to explain the framework and explore ways for delegates to apply EntreComp to help their students become more entrepreneurial.

I want to thank those who have created such an important guidance and continued to give us support, both online and offline.

Jing Zhang - Enterprise Evolution, China  and China Chief Representative of the UK Higher Education Academy (HEA)

To find out more about Entrecomp Into Action, click here.

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