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Tilly’s Tips | Tilly's Top Tips for Conferences | 54 St James Street

Tilly's Tips is back! Each week Tilly will be helping us all out with her useful advice and tips from 54 St James Street...

 We’ve all been to a badly organised business event. Whether that’s a networking evening, a meeting or a conference. These badly hosted and handled events can be a nightmare for everyone in attendance, with guests not knowing what is happening when and left standing in receptions and foyers getting increasingly irate by the minute.

This is compared to an event where everyone knows what to expect, is comfortable and calm and enjoys the activities that are arranged for them a lot more. It is easy to forget a few simple tips that make your event that much better for everyone in attendance.

Dario Zadro of Business to Community ( says that the 4 simple tips to improving your next business conference are: an email, breaks, power sockets and twitter. We wanted to know more and put our spin on what we think is important when running a business event.

Dario says: ‘The natural tendency is to focus on the big picture – setting a budget, hiring a suitable venue, and booking the speakers and vendors that you want to feature at your conference or seminar. But the major decisions are often the easiest to make, and we can sometimes lose sight of the smaller details that can help to make or break a business conference or other corporate event.

‘When it comes to staging a successful business event, the devil is definitely in the details’

1.       The What To Expect Email

Basically this email will take a lot of pressure of your inbox. Instead of having 10 different people email you and ask about parking near the venue. By sending one email with all the important information, you will save yourself time and be able to focus on the other event details.

This email should cover more than just your schedule for the day. It should include every important detail that you can think of, such as:

·         Check in/Registration Times – When the event starts, when your guests need to be there etc.
·         Schedule – A full timetable of the events that are happening

·         Parking Information – Where your guests can park near the venue, if it is free, or how much it costs.

·         Food & Drink – If you will be offering food and drink at your event? And asking if your guests have any dietary requirements.

·         Travel Arrangements – If there are hotels nearby for those who may need overnight accommodation. Or if  there is a train station, bus station etc. nearby for those wanting to use public transport

·         Internet & Wi-Fi – Provide this in the email before the event, and you will be very popular. This will also save you time during the event, as guests will not have to ask you how to access the internet

2.       Regular Breaks
Dario says; ‘The temptation is to always offer as much content as possible during your conference or seminar. While that is certainly a worthy goal, it can also easily backfire. Remember, part of the value of a business conference or seminar, is the opportunity to network, and your attendees need regularly scheduled breaks to mingle, discuss the topics and hand, and re-energize themselves for the next round of speakers.’

The average concentration span is only about 20 minutes! So it is important to remember that after about 45 minutes to an hour, some of your audience may not be listening as intently as they were before. By scheduling regular breaks, you will avoid guests switching off, avoid a stagnant feel to the event, and give everyone a chance to network and refresh themselves.

By scheduling yourself more breaks into your timetable, this also help if a speaker runs over their allotted time, giving you more flexibility with the programme.

3.       More Power Sockets

Like providing the WiFi and internet access, providing more power sockets is another thing that will make you a very popular event organiser. The majority of people will be using their laptops, tablets and smart-phones, all of which need power sockets. By providing plenty of these you will avoid guests with dead batteries who are unable to be totally involved in the day’s events.

Dario says; ‘While this may seem like a little thing, a guest with a dead laptop will quickly become disillusioned with the day’s events and will ultimately take little away from a conference you have worked so hard to plan.’

Another W.O tip would be – Perhaps have a few Iphone5 chargers on hand. There is such a large number of people using IPhone 5’s, having a few chargers as back up would be  very useful to those in need.

4.       Tweeting Throughout The Day

You can use twitter to keep your guests informed and answer any frequently asked questions. Such as, if everyone has been asking you where the water cooler, a quick tweet saying; ‘Water Cooler is located on the 3rd floor for all those in need of a top up!’ is an easy solution.

Also, as Dario points out, Twitter can be useful for your brand. At the event; ‘Encourage your audience to tweet, as it gives your attendees a great way to connect virtually and increase their social media presence.’

A specific hashtag for the event should be created, and shown during the event so the guests are award of it and use it in the social media.

These tips are things that are often overlooked in the planning of a big event. But as we all know, the small details matter just as much as the large details. And these simple to use tips will help make your event a success.

If you are looking for a venue to hold your next business conference in, then why not get in touch with 54 St James Street?

54 St James Street has a range of meeting rooms, each one different and designed to host business meetings, conferences or private events. We can help you to decide which the right option for you is, and ensure that the layout and services are just right to ensure your event is a success.

For example, our Roddick Conferencing Suite is a fantastic and sophisticated conference venue. The suite has fabulous views of the River Mersey and Liverpool City centre, and can cater for up to 150 delegates.

If you want to find out more about the Roddick Suite, and all of our other rooms available to hire and office services, get in touch!

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When there wasn’t the work for Gemma Longworth after she graduated from University, she created her own work and business; ‘The Button Boutique’

The Button Boutique was launched by textile artist, Gemma Longworth in early 2011. Gemma is a highly qualified textile artist, having completed many years of training. Aged 17 she attended the City of Liverpool College, where she completed her AVCE (Advanced Vocational Certificate of Education) in Art & Design, before continuing and completing her Foundation Diploma in Art and Design.
Gemma credits the City of Liverpool College in helping her learn her craft, and decide which direction she wanted to take. The College has a large and varied range of courses, whether these are vocational, educational or apprenticeship based and it was the perfect place for Gemma to learn more about the art and design industry and become accomplished at many different skills.

‘I loved being at the Myrtle Street campus studying Art and Design. It was great, because I’d come straight from school but it was a completely different environment and a lot freer, where we were able to explore and discover the different disciplines and see which ones suited us the most.’

‘The teachers and tutors were all fantastic and you could go to them with any problems or issues that you had, whatever they were.’

It was here that Gemma realised that textiles was her favourite discipline and it was this that helped her decide to continue her education and training at University. Following on from the City of Liverpool College, she studied for her BA in Drawing and Applied Arts, in Bristol, and then completed her Masters in Textiles, in Manchester.

After completing all of this training and higher education, Gemma found it hard to find work in her field, even though she was a highly talented individual, there wasn’t the work out there for her, in the area that she wanted. It was during this time that she began to volunteer and at Alder Hey Hospital, running arts and crafts workshops twice a week.
As the interest in her workshops grew and she was working on a freelance basis, she began taking them outside of the hospital, to cafĂ©’s in city, holding more and more classes. It became clear to Gemma then, that she needed a base. She chose the Baltic Creative to be this base, renting out two large sheds in their building, and running her workshops from there. She says, even at this time, it wasn’t clear to her that she was ‘starting’ her own business, she was just supplying the demand for her work and the nature of the business growth was organic.

By 2014, Gemma had outgrown her space in the Baltic Creative, and started to look around for larger properties, before finding a building on Brick Street which she describes as a ‘hidden gem’ The space took a lot of work to get it up to the beautiful standard that it is today, but Gemma says; ‘I’ve always been used to not having a lot of money, and having to work with what I’ve got, so I didn’t find it too difficult to work with the space’. The Button Boutique looks fantastic which Gemma says is down to, white emulsion, lots of fabric and a fair amount of skip diving!

The Button Boutique is doing incredibly well, and the business is growing steadily with every month. Gemma is quick to point out that it is a huge amount of work, and it can sometimes be a struggle to balance her work life with her home and social life.

‘Getting the balance right is very difficult. There are days when I go home, and say to myself that I won’t open my laptop, or check my emails but the temptation is always there. Because it’s ‘my baby’, there is always the pressure to be pushing the business forward and working all the time.’

‘There are good and bad aspects to running your own business and being your own boss. Of course there is more freedom, but at the same time, there is a pressure because you have to depend on yourself to bring an income in. Some days I do wish that I was going to work and being paid for being there, but at the same time, it is worthwhile in the end.’ 

‘If a friend of mine told me they wanted to start their own business, I would definitely tell them to seriously think about it. Make sure it is absolutely what you want because it’s a lot of hard work to begin with and you will have to put a lot into it. It takes up a lot of your time, and you will have to make sacrifices, but it will be worth it in the end. And if you need any support, I would recommend going to see the team at The Women’s Organisation’

Gemma also found a few difficulties in the business aspects of The Button Boutique. Like many individuals, the idea of understanding tax, registering as a company and working out pay rolls was a daunting one, and something that she found, and still does find difficult.

‘I don’t find that this side of the business gets any easier. In fact in gets harder as the business grows, because there is always something else to do, another form to fill out and something new to get my head around. But The Women’s Organisation helped enormously with this, and I would recommend any woman with their own business to seek advice and support from them.’

Gemma attended many of The Women’s Organisation’s free courses which helped her understand the technical side of running a business, and is also a member of our Business Club which she is a big fan of. Networking at The Women’s Organisation has been something that Gemma has enjoyed as well; ‘I’ve always hated the idea of ‘networking’, but at The Women’s Organisation it’s a lot more enjoyable because it’s informal and everyone there is in similar situations so it isn’t intimidating.’

Gemma has put the hard work, determination and effort into starting up her own business. After realising when she had finished her education and degree that the jobs she wanted were not out there, she has managed to create her own lifestyle and business which suits her and is a success. She says; ‘I am proud of myself, especially when I look back and think about everything that I have put into The Button Boutique, and how I have started it from literally nothing. I’m doing what I set out to do.’

If you would like help starting up your business, get in contact with us!
Phone: 0151 706 8111

Friday, January 23, 2015

Happy 4th Birthday to 54 St James Street!

This week marks the anniversary of The Women’s Organisation moving into our building at 54 St James Street. So we’ve put together a blog post to celebrate four years of incredible women and businesses at 54 St James Street

The First Training Session

The first group of women who came to our new premises attended a talk on Marketing and Communication which was delivered by an Enterprise Enabler.

The first client to ever walk through the door of our new building was Steph Kilshaw of The Pink Plasterer, she said;

‘In this economic client I am amazed and think The Women’s Organisation have done so well to have this building. I have found since working with The   Women’s Organisation that their events and training have been invaluable for making business contacts and finding clients.’

And Sally Garner of One 2 One Counselling and Life Coaching said;

‘I think the new building is really lovely. Coming to visit right at the beginning you feel like you are part of it which is great. It’s so nice, light, airy and accessible, and seeing the success of this really inspires you that you can be successful in your business too.’

The Longest Running Tenant

54 St James Street is full of fantastic women led businesses and has been for 4 years. Our longest running tenant is Jo Copoc from Boomerang Business Solutions, who has been with us since April 2011, and is still with us now. She is currently in the process of expanding and will be moving into a larger office inside the building in March this year.

Boomerang was born from an idea whilst relaxing on holiday, and her previous sales and management experience gave her an insight into the gap within the market place, training, talent source and telemarketing based on business returns.

Jo was featured as our ‘Tenant of the Week’ back in May 2013 and gave her advice to aspiring business women;

‘The secret of a successful business is in the people, recruiting the right staff then supporting, training and coaching them to get the business results, whilst encouraging individual people growth, means everyone achieves more.’

‘Motivating and inspiring others to achieve their goals means businesses can and will grow. Don’t quit. There is no telling how far you have to go, run while chasing your dreams.’

The Women Behind It All

There are so many women who have been instrumental in building The Women’s Organisation into what it is today and campaigned tirelessly to see the building project of 45 St James Street (then known as WICED) come about.

One of them is Rita Bebbington, who was a board member here at The Women’s Organisation before she sadly passed away in 2010.

Rita played an instrumental role, not only as a board member but also by dedicating a great deal of time, energy and passion on a voluntary basis. She devoted much of her working career to women’s economic and social inclusion and was an active campaigner on equal pay for women and low pay issues, forging a distinguished career within the Transport and General Workers Union.

Rita was very proud of the many achievements made by The Women’s Organisation in raising the profile of women entrepreneurs and in changing the lives of the many thousands of women that the organisation has supported, encouraged and inspired. Her memory lives on in all of us as we strive to live up to her goal to change and improve the economic position of women.

As well as Rita, we currently and have had years, a fantastic team of men and women who are dedicated to achieving our mission of reaching out to all women, and for all women, to enhance their role in their own lives, in their local communities, in business and in the wider world.


The Women's Organisation is thrilled to have a physical presence within Liverpool City Centre that can be an inspiration to women and a reminder of what women can achieve if they put their minds to it. 

The future is looking exciting for The Women’s Organisation and 54 St James Street, with the Baltic Triangle community constantly growing larger and more diverse. We are dedicated to being a part of that community and have opportunities for business, male or female led through the services that we offer here at 54 St James Street.

Check out our website for full details on all our services and support or email us on

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Alissa Koopal named as one of the ‘Female Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2015’

Allerton mum-of-two Alissa Koopal, and creator of the BabyBangle has this week been named one of the ‘Female Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2015’ by The Telegraph. Alissa, was known to The Women’s Organisation back before the launch of the bangle, and has gone on to blow the entrepreneurial world away, with her incredible product and her determination to get her product noticed.

‘The BabyBangle is a flexible, lightweight teething ring with a soft density that will help your baby to safely soothe chomping needs, as well as help stimulate speech, weaning and motor skills practice.’

This innovative product was bound to be snatched up by stockists and the response to Alissa’s product has been incredible. When Alissa launched her BabyBangle at a tradeshow in Liverpool she received an incredible response, picking up 20 stockists from 4 different countries, which then led to her product receiving nominations from parenting awards.

At the end of last year Alissa also featured as part of the governments ‘Business is GREAT’ campaign, which created a festive calendar featuring small businesses, include Alissa’s own; Izzy Melody.

The future is looking incredibly bright for Alissa, Izzy Melody and the BabyBangle and she was featured alongside a host of other female business women who have been named, ones to watch in 2015.
The list included other women such as Megan Trimble of eyewear company ZanZan, Harriet Mears and Molly Freshwater of The Secret Linen Store and Sandy Ruddock of Scarlett &Mustard  

Check out the full list of ‘Female Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2015’ here and have a look at the Izzy Melody site here

Sue Morgan’s thriving business ‘Jessica Rose Beauty’ is launching its newest venture this week - Hot Yoga

Sue Morgan has been developing her passion for yoga for the last 16 years, and in particular hot yoga, which she is now launching as part of her beauty empire (Jessica Rose Beauty) in her salon in Huyton, Knowsley this week. ‘Yoga For The People’ launches on Friday.

She is convinced of both the physical and mental health benefits of hot yoga and lists them on her website. Hot yoga refers to yoga exercises performed under humid conditions, and the heat is used to increase an individual’s flexibility in performing the poses. One of the most popular styles of hot yoga is Bikram which was first brought to the USA in the early 1970’s, and is performed at 105 degrees.

Sue believes that yoga and in particular hot yoga:

·         Revitalises the body and mind
·         Helps with flexibility and balance
·         Builds longer, leaner muscles and increases your core strength
·         Calms the mind and reduces stress and anxiety
·         Helps to detoxify your system
·         Improves the function of internal organs
·         Balances your muscular system
·         Increases your metabolism and energy levels
·         Helps with weight loss
·         Can help reduce depression and insomnia
·         Increase your will-power, self-control, concentration and determination

It is clear that many others agree with Sue, as her first 2 classes launching hot yoga at her salon, this Friday, are fully booked. Although a full schedule is complete, people can book onto the sessions through the salons, with contact details shown below.

Sue has built fantastic connections within the yoga world, and has a great group of experienced teachers running the sessions, including her cousin Rachel Currie who trained in Bikram when in Los Angeles, and Mohan, who she says; ‘needs no introduction and has taught many of the city’s yoga teachers his Shiva style yoga’

The Women’s Organisation are happy to have been a part of Sue’s journey, with business advisors, Ali and Francine helping her secure funding for the changes that were necessary for the changes to the building, through Barclays, and receiving advice and support from our business team.

If you want to find out more about Yoga For The People, book onto one of their sessions, or have a look at treatments that the Jessica Rose Beauty Salon’s offer, then use the details below!

Huyton Salon: 16 Childwall Parade, Off Pilch Lane, Huyton, Liverpool, L14 6TT

Phone: 0151 480 9252

Childwall Salon: 142 Queens Drive, Childwall Fiveways, Liverpool, L15 6XX

Phone: 0151 737 1930

Monday, January 19, 2015

Women still being held back by 'glass walls' from top management positions...

The number of women in senior and middle management roles has increased over the last 20 years, but women are still massively under-represented in the top management positions, according to a new study published by the International Labour Organization (ILO) last week. 

The Women’s Organisation have read the report and picked out some of the key facts from it: 

The report shows that women still have to overcome obstacles to reach the top positions in companies, such as CEO’s. So whilst there has been progression in business and management, they are continually being shut out of the high-level decision making roles.

The report put this down to a number of reasons, one of them being that women are not being selected for top management roles because there management experience isn't diverse enough. During women’s careers they may not have been exposed to all types of company operations, and therefore not gained enough experience in general management. 

‘The concentration of women in certain types of management reflects the ‘glass walls’ phenomenon, which is segregation by gender within management occupations’ So while women are getting access to higher levels of management, there is a tendency for them to be in particular managerial functions; 
‘Attaining experience in managerial functions, such as operations, sales, research, product development and general management is crucial for women to rise through the central pathway to the top of the organisational hierarchy.’
‘However, women are often siloed in managerial functions such as human resources, public relations and communications, and finance and administration, are therefore are only able to go up the ladder to a certain point in the organisational hierarchy.’ 

But it has been proven time and time again that a gender balance in management teams and boards improves business performance. The ILO report collected studies that proved this claim, one of them being McKinsey and Company. ‘They researched the relationship between organisational and financial performance and the number of women managers. It found that European listed companies with more women in their management teams had 17% higher stock price growth between 2005 and 2007, and their average operating profit was almost double their industry average.’ 

The report went on to say that some countries are taking more controversial steps to improve gender parity, including Norway implementing mandatory quotas for women on company boards. ‘Other countries, notably Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, China, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Pakistan, United Kingdom, United States of America, whilst stopping short of quotas have adopted a variety of measures to promote more women in management, such as inclusion of gender diversity requirements.’ 

 ILO’s report after breaking down the issues which prevent women from reaching top management positions, and indicating the benefits that come from having gender balance in business, then broke down the ways in which companies can break down this glass wall and ceiling effect and finished with this statement;

‘With the evolution of labour markets, the high educational and skills levels of women and their growing role in national economies and political life, women today hold a wealth of talent and resources that can be tapped by companies large and small. Employer’s organisations can play a key role on creating greater awareness among their members of this potential and advising on how to adapt policies and practices at the company level for women’s talent to be optimised and for women to participate in decision making and so improve business outcomes’ 

The full report can be found here

Friday, January 16, 2015

Full time Mum and nutrition specialist Kim Sowah has teamed up with her childhood friend and interior designer Keeley McKenzie to open up a unique coffee shop in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle

Coffee & Fandisha offers a fresh addition to Liverpool’s growing appetite for artisan and specialist coffee. Sourced entirely from local and cooperative farms in Ethiopia, the Brick Street Coffee shop takes inspiration from the traditional ways of an Ethiopian coffee ceremony: serving their coffee alongside complimentary baskets or bowls of spiced popcorn (known as fandisha)

The coffee shop also has a fantastic array of food on offer. Toasted sandwiches on malted bread from a local bakery, and packed with adventurous fillings are a staple at the shop, alongside super food salads and mouth-watering cakes. There is also a focus on health foods at Coffee & Fandisha, an influence from Kim who studied a higher diploma in Nutrition and has a passion for eating well. The shop offers freshly pressed juices and home-made smoothies alongside cakes and sandwiches.

‘I’ve always wanted my own coffee shop because I am passionate about the coffee, and also working with the public. I have a little girl and felt it was time to regain my independence by creating something of my own.’

Inspired by her partner’s Ethiopian roots, Kim wanted to bring this culture of coffee bringing families together, to Liverpool’s coffee scene. ‘Once Keeley and I decided we were going to start the business, we spent a lot of time in various coffee shops to start gathering inspiration. With an idea of what we wanted, the search for a suitable venue began.’ They quickly found the perfect space in the Baltic Triangle in November of 2013, before moving in by January 2014.

‘When we moved in, the shop was a shell. Over time, we designed everything ourselves. We didn’t compromise on anything, all of our equipment is excellent quality, and finishing it was an amazing feeling.’

Coffee & Fandisha’s interior comprises mostly of dark, warm woods and oversized hanging light bulbs which hang from the beamed ceiling. Kim and Keeley were savvy with their designing, and up cycled the majority of their furniture- finishing key pieces with varnish, amongst many other details which mirror the industrial feeling of the Baltic Triangle but with much added warmth. 

Although the passion and talent was apparent, opening a business was a new venture for the pair, and Kim contacted The Women’s Organisation for start-up support. ‘Francine helped me further develop my business plan and cash flow forecast. She was really supportive and a great mentor. Even after we opened the shop, she was there to give me marketing advice and ideas.’

Coffee & Fandisha is going from strength to strength and is bustling with customers throughout the day. Kim says; ‘Things are going great at the moment. We are busy with a mixture of regulars and new customers discovering us for the first time.’ For Kim, The Baltic Triangle is a great place for a business as it benefits from the creative industries who work in the surrounding areas, with offices being situated in the adjoining building to Coffee & Fandisha.

With Coffee & Fandisha proving to be a hit, Kim has this advice to offer those thinking of starting their own business; ‘Be completely open-minded, know your market and remain positive. But one of the most important things is that you need to have complete confidence in your product.’

Kim and Keeley are working to continue the success of Coffee & Fandisha, and in the future hope to open another shop. If you want to experience the combination of coffee and popcorn, or grab a bite to eat, Coffee & Fandisha can be found on Brick Street. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter: @Coffeefandisha. To contact the directly – 0151 708 6492 /

Do you have an idea that you want to explore? The Women’s Organisation’s business start-up support is free to women in Merseyside looking to start a business. 0151 706 8111 /

Photo Credit: Barbara Idasiak Photography

Monday, January 12, 2015

Personal Trainer Jade Mottley on making sport, exercise and healthy living inclusive for everyone through her venture 'Performance For All'

Jade Mottley’s business ‘Performance For All’ is a Personal Training and Sport Science service which aims to improve the health of her clients, their fitness and nutritional status.

Jade’s services include Personal Training on a one to one and group basis in gyms, homes and workplaces.

Her Sport Science services can be delivered alone or within an already established team, and they are sessions which are about enhancing individual and team performance.  

After studying Sport Science for three years and gaining a knowledge base, and experience of the sporting industry, athletes and the general population she set up her business in 2013. Whilst she was studying, she learnt about the anatomy and physiology of the human body, in depth; ‘In essence how we are made up and how we can function effectively as humans.’
Whilst undertaking her degree, Jade gained her Fitness Instructors qualification and varied work experience within sports settings and health settings. Joining her degree knowledge and growing experience, Jade was learning about the importance and application of health to both athletes and the general population.

Jade was brought up in the Fylde Coast, near Blackpool, and from a young age has been passionate about sport, representing her county throughout school. She is also extremely passionate about the disability sector and had a scholarship to work with Mencap throughout her final year at University on an ‘Access to Leisure’ programme. Continuing her interest in combining her work with support for those with disabilities, Jade currently coaches for a men’s deaf professional football team.

Meeting with our Manchester team of The Women’s Organisation has been great news for Jade after she was introduced to Mike one of our business advisors she said; ‘He gave me the belief that anything is possible if you are given the correct support and direction. I expressed my passions about my work and what I would like to achieve. Every idea, no matter how small, he expressed that it had great potential. I was re-inspired that the work I do is beneficial to others.’

Although Jade is currently working solo on her business venture she is looking to expand her team is continuing to make connections through networking; ‘I am in the process of interviewing two new members of staff to come on board as Personal Trainers, and I have built links with Bolton Council and I’m hoping to work alongside their disability sector and provide fitness training which is inclusive to their young adults.’
Inclusivity is the key motto for Jade and her business. She says; ‘Performance For All is exactly what it says it is. I wanted to create a business that is inclusive to everyone. Everyone has the right to improve their own health, fitness and nutrition.’ She believes that everyone should have the same access to leisure and sporting opportunities, and from her experience within Mencap and in commercial gym spaces, she wants to continue offering those opportunities for all.

Recently Jade has been working with a Special Olympics athlete who competes as a cyclist for Great Britain and is honoured to be part of her journey in improving her fitness and nutritional status. One of Jade’s biggest achievements is knowing that she is going to work to do something that she loves and says this is down to working hard; ‘Through hard work and dedication since graduating I have been able to gain qualifications, skills and experience, working within the profession and delivering a service that improves people’s lives.’

The Women’s Org can see that the key to success for Jade is clearly, her passion for her job. She says she chose to study Sport Science at University because she loved participating in sports and had a desire to learn more about the way our bodies work and how we can live our lives with optimal health. All the different experiences that Jade has had from working with Rugby clubs, elderly homes, volunteering in Africa and working with those with disabilities, has taught her valuable skills which she has been able to apply to her current role.

One of the most important lessons that Jade has learnt on her journey is about creating your own opportunities. She says; ‘Yes, people may be more fortunate than others and have better connections, but if you do not have the skills or knowledge in the first place, you cannot be hired for the role.’

‘I was once told “relationships are far greater than academic skills”. Your experiences and skills count for everything in the ‘real world’ and I have learnt to make the most out of every opportunity I have been given and to gain a lesson from it. Even when I did not get the desired outcome, I didn’t fail because I learnt a valuable lesson on how to do it different given the chance again.’

She quotes being part of Generation Y as a challenge, but an exciting one; ‘being fresh from University with modern day views and ideas’, she believes there is great potential for young people to start their own business, do what they are passionate about and create a career for themselves; ‘Organisations like The Women’s Org, make all of this possible.’

The future is looking extremely bright for Jade Mottley and Performance for All. Her plans are to expand her Personal Training and Sport Science services and have other professionals such as psychologists, nutritionists, life coaches and physiotherapists working alongside her. If you would like to find out more about Jade and her business, follow the links to get in contact with her below!

Women business owners in Greater Manchester can benefit from FREE support to take their business to the next level with The Women's Organisation. The Women's Organisation who have been working in the north west since 1996 offering enterprise support to women, can offer business growth consultancy to local women through their Venture Accelerator business growth programme in Greater Manchester.

Through Venture Accelerator women can be linked with a specialist business growth advisor who will offer tailored support to take their business to the next level. Programme Manager Mike Marsden and the Venture Accelerator team have already supported a number of local businesses to expand their team through apprenticeship schemes, funding for growth and looking at organisational structure.

The Venture Accelerator Programme runs to June 2015 and is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund. If you are a women-led business in the Greater Manchester area and you would like free advice to build your staff team or grow your turnover, contact programme manager to find out more about the help The Women's Organisation can offer, and follow @TheWomenOrgManc on twitter.