Friday, September 30, 2016

Liverpool Born Model Pippa Melody Is Chasing Her Modelling Dream In London

Now you can believe us when we tell you that we are one big, happy family here at The Women’s Organisation. And as families will do, we will tell everyone when we have a big announcement to make, or if we are especially proud of another family member!

This year we welcomed a new member to The Women’s Organisation team, Sue Phillips (Check out our interview with Sue here!) who is part of our Administration team, and would you believe how long it took Sue to tell us all about her fantastic daughter – Pippa and Pippa’s latest achievements!?

It wasn’t until Sue brought in a copy of Betty magazine and proudly announced that it was her daughter who was the cover star, that we got to find out all about Pippa and her modelling that has taken her down to London!

Pippa Melody at just 23 years old is already taking the fashion world by storm and we couldn’t be more proud of her! Two years ago Grazia magazine came up to Liverpool to check out the fashion and beauty scene in the city and stumbled upon Pippa and singled her out! 

Now, she has completed her BSc in Psychology (Which she got a first in!) and lives down in London modelling full time. Pippa told us that she hopes to one day get her Masters in Psychology and that she also loves to write short stories, poetry and haikus!

Check out these gorgeous photos of Pippa and you can follow what she gets up to over on Instagram!

Congratulations to Pippa, everyone here at The Women’s Organisation is incredibly proud of your achievements and wish you all the very best for the future!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

54 St James Street Tenant Of The Month - Social Know How CIC

So, Tenant of the Month is back! Each month we will be publishing an interview with one of our lovely tenants in the building, asking them what they like about the building and finding out what their business is all about!

This month we spoke to a Virtual Tenant of ours - Social Know How CIC. Founder Helen Ball wrote this short piece about her business and her working relationship with 54 St James Street and The Women's Organisation. 

'The past few months have been exciting times! Since leaving the world of social house I have been working hard 'behind the scenes' establishing my new social enterprise - Social Know How CIC - which officially launched in May this year.

I am a Virtual Tenant at 54 St James Street but I am often in and around the building, there's always something going on or interesting people to talk to so it's got a great vibe. The help and support I have received from the team at The Women's Organisation has been second-to-none and I would thoroughly recommend any women itching to put her entrepreneurial ideas into action to contact them!

There are also other female-led businesses within the building that provided additional services like web development, branding, marketing and PR, accountancy, coaching etc. Which are vital to getting your business off the ground.

Social Know How is a Community Interest Company based in Liverpool and working across the North West, that aims to help public, private and third sector organisations understand, increase, measure and communicate their social, environmental and economic impact. 

I am particularly passionate about demystifying social impact measurement by encouraging organisations and individuals to grasp it with both hands and just get on and start measuring! So often organisations procrastinate around social impact measurement. Social impact analysis is an iterative process, that builds year on year and project by project, to enable organisations to understand, prioritise and improve their activity over time. So unless you dive in and start, the benefits of this cumulative process will never begin!

With hard decisions to be made about what organisations should and could spend their money on, it has never been more important to understand what 'bang for your buck' you are getting. 

But it's not just about the money...The benefits for doing social impact analysis are wide and many, and further details of why and how you should do it ca
n be found on our website here, along with information about how Social Know How can help.'

Laura Taylor Amazed our Business Club Women with her Science of Making Sales Tips!

'The Science of Making Sales' was the hot topic for this month's Business Club networking event at The Women's Organisation and guest speaker Laura Taylor certainly left us with food for thought.  

Laura Taylor who is Lead Tutor at the East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce (Our event partners) specialises in areas such as body language, procurement and influencing. As an experienced Corporate Trainer who has trained over 2500 professionals, Laura has worked across the UK and globally for multi-national organisations. She is currently the only qualified UK body Language Trainer from the world’s largest human behavioural Lab – The Science of People and is passionate about the scientific background of the theory that she teaches.

Chatting to Laura before the event she explained that some of her training had been through the Science of People and that she really had soaked in the best of the best worldwide.  As well as understanding body language and non-verbal sales indicators, she is also a trained human lie detector! With this in mind we were all on our best behaviour waiting to see what gems Laura would share.

Laura started by asking us what we notice first when talking to a person.  Our Business Growth Adviser Ali McGrath got a gold star for correctly identifying that it is hands.  Making your hand gestures too wildly can come across as agressive.  Laura explained about the invisible glass box that sits just in front of us and is the comfort zone for our gestures.

Within a 30 minute conversation, according to Laura, over 800 non-verbal communication signals are exchanged.  The key to making a successful sale is to concentrate as much on these indicators as what is being said verbally.

Not surprisingly, the women attending went home, minds blown and ready to practice their confident handshake.  Here are some of the comments that were left with our team at the end of the evening:

"Amazing! Very interesting, Thanks WO"
"Fascinating and really interesting – fastest 2.5 hours ever"
"Brilliantly informative and delivered with humour and loads of knowledge"
"Very positive session thank you"
"Can we have more?"
"Really helpful to think about how you sit before a meeting and power posing before you meet your client can boost your confidence"
"Fabulous! Super encouraging – I learnt so much!"
"Loved It! Thank you so much it really made me think"
"Mind boggling! So much to know about body language. Could have listened all day."

Massive thanks to Laura and East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce for partnering with us on this event.

If you are looking to network with other business women and build your business skills, visit our website to find out more on how to join our Business Club and take advantage of events like this.   

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Generation Y & The Web Event Brought Brilliant Digital Brains Together

Generation Y might be the age group that people most associate with being super web savvy, but when it comes to business it is a different ball game. So, how does this supposedly tech savvy generation utilise all things digital when it comes to building a business empire?

As part of a joint celebration The Women's Organisation decided to team with YPAS (the Young Person's Advisory Service) to create an event to address just this as part our their Young Enterprise Programme supported by the Skills and Opportunities Fund.  As 2016 marks the 50th birthday of YPAS and the 20th birthday of The Women's Organisation, it seemed particularly fitting to come together to support young entrepreneurs through pooling expertise.

Rachel & Nici chatting to the group

'Generation Y & the Web' brought together a panel of experts, each with a different take on how to use digital to grow a business. Our experts included:

Liam Kelly – Director of MAKE Liverpool – a brand new space and workshop in the city’s North Docks to play, make and fix, bring an idea and take away an invention. With core equipment including 3-D printers, laser cutters and a photographic dark room – it’s the place to collaborate and create.

Chelsea Slater- Director Liverpool Girl Geeks, who are on a mission to decrease the gender imbalance within the tech industry and do this by hosting a series of events and workshops to inspire women and girls of all ages, as well as celebrate and showcase role models within the sector.  Chelsea is a digital marketing specialist herself aside from her role at Girl Geeks.

Lydia Jones - 17 year old creator of App –Fit Flash – the ultimate social platform for health and fitness individuals, an app that allows users to connect with like-minded people through the use of groups. Lydia began developing the app last year wanting to combat the isolation that she felt from home-schooling and make positive changes combining her passion of fitness with a digital element.

Rachel Brewster - owner of Little Vintage Photography - Previously Rachel ran Liverpool Screen School's technical department for LJMU alongside her ongoing freelance work in the media production industry for seven years. She set up Little Vintage Photography to focus on the unique convergence of analogue photography and digital technology across STEM subject areas, working to engage people from all socio-economic backgrounds in producing creative output.

Jo Austin - Digital Marketing and Engagement Coordinator at The Women's Organisation.  Jo has changed the face of marketing at The Women's Org and carved out a role for herself simply through soaking in all things social media and digital marketing.  From a starting point of having the 'facebook fear' over the last 8 years Jo has built the online presence of the organisation to ensure they maintain a Top 5% ranking worldwide on Twitter for retweet rate and has developed international training programmes to support small businesses in getting social media savvy. 

Business adviser at The Women's Organisation Jo Mountfort kicked off the event inviting the panel to talk about their journey and digital experience. The young entrepreneurs of the future attending the event were also invited to explain what their ideas were and where they felt stumped when it came to digital.

Lydia & Chelsea sharing their expertise

In un-conference style the experts then spread around the room along with Nici from YPAS and Jo to allow the attendees to break into smaller teams and grill the panel about their digital issues and what support is available for young people locally.

Some great advice surfaced as a result, some of the points recorded were:
  • You don't need to spend lots of money - use the tech you have
  • Google offer a lot of free services to social enterprise (adwords vouchers being one). Worth exploring
  • You are a personal brand and don't forget to build that part of your business
  • Collaborate where you can 
  • When blogging/using social try to involve your audience. Let them ask questions or interact in some way to keep them engaged. And don't forget vlogging is another way to blog
  • Bad social media looks like: Not enough pics, roo many links, too many quotes, irrelevent content, too much of anything
  • Good social media looks like: Right frequency for the channel used, videos when it comes to making facebook pop, paying for boosts when needed
  • Places to find more events to network or talk digital: Eventbrite, Twitter, Facebook, Getting on Mailing Lists, Asking other event attendees
Liam Kelly shares his wisdom while Jo Austin captures it in print

Feedback comments left by the Generation Y attendees included:
"Great range of different people to gather info."
"One of the most productive talks/sessions I've been to. More Please!"
"Good range of different industries. Learnt a lot. Thanks."
"Good insights, great range of people and skills. Thank you."
"Interesting seminar on digital applications. Will definitely recommend this event to anyone interested in the media industry."
"Wasn't too sure what to expect.  Leaving with contacts and leads! Thank you."
"Really productive session! Panel were great - really informative. Thank you."

Jo Mountfort closed the event by reminding those attending that if they want further support to start their business, mentoring and training is available to Liverpool City Region Residents through the new Enterprise Hub Business Start-up programme.  If you would like to find out more about that scheme contact the Enterprise Hub team on 0151 706 8113 or

Anyone who would like to find out more about how YPAS support the mental well being of children and young people can visit or contact

Good News! There is Support Available for New Businesses!

Last week The Women's Organisation played host to the Enterprise Hub Business Start-up Conference.  Residents from the Liverpool City Region who are toying with the idea of being their own boss were invited to come along and hear from successful business owners and enterprise experts to gather inspiration on what is needed to get a business off the ground.

Our first inspirational guest speaker was the impressive Kevin Murphy director of 'RentaSpace'. 

Kevin had built his previous business empire in storage to having 5 UK locations with 22 staff and £5mil turnover.  He sold this and went back through the start-up journey to create rentaspace opening in September 2015.

Some key advice Kevin offered to those attending was:
  • The harder you work, the more you will reap the rewards.  Be prepared for hard graft
  • People & peers - build yourself a good network as it can get lonely being a business owner
  • Be yourself and believe in yourself!

Next up were the warm and inspiring Sue and Cheryl from Apollo Care and Mercury Franchise Consultants. They shared their ups and downs of starting their care business which became such a success they franchised the model!  Cheryl laughed telling the group about looking back at her original business plan which had the small ambition of creating a job for themselves - their business became so much bigger than they expected.  Cheryl talked about how they have constantly set themselves new goals and challenges which is how their business grew from strength to stregth and opened the opportunity for developing their second business 'Mercury Franchise Consultants' taking their own learning of franchising their model to make an income supporting others through the process. Sue confessed that Cheryl does work "every hour God sends" and advised the budding entrepreneurs to be prepared for hard work if they want to make their business the best it can be. 

Nick Bell from event partners Startup Direct let those attending know that there is financial support available to start ups through the government 'start-up loans' scheme.  Up to £25,000 is on offer through this scheme and Startup Direct along with Enterprise Hub can help individuals work out how much finance they need and understand the application process.

After a quick break for reflection, Jo Austin from Enterprise Hub partners The Women's Organisation invited everyone to share their business ideas and hopes for the session, and then stepped the participants through the pros and cons of self-employment, understanding why businesses fail and how to work out if self-employment is for you.

The conference finished with networking and time for everyone to engage with the free support on offer via Enterprise Hub free business tart-up programme for Liverpool City Region. Enterprise Hub is part funded by European Regional Development Fund and offers opportunity to receive expert advice and training to develop key enterprise skills ahead of starting a business. 

There was a real buzz about the event with those attending leaving feeling empowered to look at their ideas more closely.  Some of the comments left at the end of the session included:

"Well structured and informative"
"Brilliant! So glad I came, quelled a lot of my fears and answered a lot of my questions."
"Very friendly and encouraging"
"Speakers very good and appropriate for audience."
"It was useful listening to testimonials from thos in business already."
"I found it very interesting and valuable and very resourceful."
"Really informative"
"Enjoyed the session and found it useful for ideas and also really enjoyed hearing from Apollo and their journey."
"Good ideas - inspiration from talkers."

Massive thanks to Kevin, Sue and Cheryl for being so open and sharing their stories and to our event partners Startup Direct and Nick Bell for helping to raise awareness of financial options for those starting a business.

If you missed this event and are interested in receiving support to start your business you can contact the Enterprise Hub team on 0151 706 8113 or

We are taking the Enterprise Hub Business Start-up Conference on the road next month, so join us with Startup Direct and Invest Sefton on 20th October at the L20 conference Centre within the Hugh Baird Campus Bootle.  Book your free ticket by clicking here. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

For Irene Afful, Perseverance Is Her Business Motto!

Irene Afful is a woman with a whole lot of experience! All of which she is using and utilising as she launches herself into the world of self-employment with her business; Ametrine Enterprise Solutions, which could be described as a coaching and consultancy business, but is so much more than just that!

Irene has 30 years’ experience working in public sector organisations, including 25 years with the Police Service. She has worked on a national platform advancing the leadership, equality and diversity agenda and has amassed a wealth of experience, qualifications and skills along the way!

As well as this she is a trained mediator with over 12 years’ experience managing workplace disputes. She also designed and led the Phoenix Leadership Programme, a positive action initiative which successfully targeted the recruitment of under-represented groups within Merseyside Police, was nominated and shortlisted for the National Diversity Awards 2016 in the category of Female Role Model AND Irene has a Master’s Degree in Police Leadership, specialising in organisational culture, equality and diversity! Now that is one impressive business owner!

Irene’s business, Ametrine Enterprise Solutions aims to advise on diversity strategies and addressing the underrepresentation of minority groups at all levels of organisations. As well as this, Irene will also offer personal life coaching and performance coaching for employees, and mediation services too!

Prior to starting her own business Irene was a Detective Inspector for Merseyside Police and was the first black, female Inspector in the history of this organisation. But she had always had ambitions to work for herself; ‘I have always worked in the public sector and have had to answer to a supervisor or manager. I wanted to only answer to myself and choose my own hours so I could spend quality time with my son. I also wanted to prove to myself that I can do this and make it a success.’

So Irene got in touch with The Women’s Organisation and began working closely with our Business Adviser Francine Taylor to get Ametrine Enterprise Solutions off the ground! ‘I found the idea of writing a business plan really daunting! However after speaking to Francine I realised that it wasn’t that complicated and I was able to complete one! Francine was really supportive, motivating and knowledgeable about the many aspects of starting your own business. Her advice and support was invaluable in giving me the confidence to do what I have always wanted to do!’

But of course, starting your own business isn’t plain sailing! And Irene found herself with a lot on her plate at the start of her journey; ‘I am a single mum to a very active 8 year old boy so juggling his needs with my volunteering roles as well as full time work was challenging to say the least!’

‘I was planning on starting my business when I left my full time role with Merseyside Police. To this I set myself goals for what I wanted to achieve and by what date and also made lists daily! I didn’t always reach my targets in the time I’d set – but that’s life!’

Now Irene has just launched her business with Ametrine Enterprise Solutions opening on September 5th and although it is early days she has already had interest in her services! And it’s clear that for Irene, the best thing about running her own business is having that flexibility that she had always wanted! ‘I love being my own boss; it’s great that I am now able to take time off if I need to without having to apply for it.’

And how does Irene feel about what she has achieved so far? ‘I’m very proud of myself; I know I am capable of doing anything I can set my mind to. I am a passionate and determined women and my confidence has grown immensely since embarking on this adventure. My motto is – ‘Your perseverance is your measure of your belief in yourself’ – Keep persevering!’ 

Monday, September 19, 2016

Startup Direct & Enterprise Hub Invite Budding Entrepreneurs to Business Start-up Conference

This Wednesday budding business owners will descend on 54 St James Street for the Enterprise Hub Business Start-up Conference.  The conference offers FREE tickets to anyone living in Merseyside who is thinking about getting started in business. 

At the event two fantastic local business owners will be sharing their insights into how they went about starting their business, and offering advice on what to think about or avoid along the way.  Nick Bell from event partners Startup Direct will be talking about the government's Startup loans scheme and how fledgling businesses can utilise their help to access low cost finance.  Enterprise Hub Partners The Women's Organisation will host the event and bring everything together with workshops to step through what is involved in self-employment.  Enterprise Hub will be able to offer ongoing support to attendees who want to tap into additional mentoring and support to get their business off the ground. 

If you are a man or woman living in the Liverpool City Region (Liverpool, Sefton, Knowsley, St Helens, Wirral or Halton) who is thinking about getting started in business, book your FREE ticket to the Enterprise Hub Start-up Conference here. 

Credit Control: Do you know who you are dealing with? Identifying the 'Can't Pay - Won't Pay'

Securing customers is a great milestone in business, but it all grinds to a halt if you can't get them to pay.  We invited local credit management expert Jean Clough to share her insight on how to keep money coming in, and how to seperate the 'will pay' from the 'can't pay, won't pay' crowd. Here are Jean's words of wisdom. 

Jean Clough, Credit Matters
OK, so you have put together “best practise” in your invoicing, credit control processes and procedures, but are you still at risk, and to what extent?

Behind every business is a person or people, do you know them?

Do you know who their customers are, and how effective is their own credit management?

So many businesses suffer a bad debt because their debtor has sustained one themselves and, being unable to trade through the loss, has ceased trading and created the domino effect.  If you have been a domino at some time, learn from the experience, don’t make it a mill stone around your neck, you have more important things to focus on, staying solvent yourself being the main one.

Then there are those who never intended to pay you from the outset, did you see that coming?

Those of us who pay our way through life, assume, wrongly sometimes, that others are the same, we judge by our own standards don’t we?  Yet the unscrupulous in society, who live by their wits, and prosper from fraud (in whatever guise) have no qualms about seeing your business go under, nor the personal impact of such a disaster. They simply don’t care.

Those bad debts hurt the most, knocking confidence in both yourself and your business, some people simply give up their dream, and that’s not acceptable to me and my business ethos.

Here are some key things to consider and warning signs to look out for that can save you stressful credit control situations in the future:

  • ·       Who posts cheques/bank receipts – can they identify anomalies? – has your customer suddenly changed identity?
  • ·       Part paid accounts – these can be a possible warning sign of cash flow problems
  • ·       Is your customer who they really purport to be – could you be caught up in money laundering?
  • ·       Leaving the debt too long to collect – could you be seen as a preferential Creditor? How do you feel about having to give that last receipt back?
  • ·       Is the workload to much for present staffing levels? Do they have the required skills to be effective?

·       Should you outsource, or bring in temporary staff
·       If your processes and procedures are not right, you will find yourself on the never ending circle of spending your profits due to poor controls or lack of staff training.  You firstly need to get your processes in place, and then ensure your staff are well versed in how to follow them through.  You might consider bringing an expert in to help you get everything in place. 

About Jean & Credit Matters
I offer a complete review of your business practise, bespoke to your sector, one size doesn’t fit all. I work alongside the business owner and their staff to put in place systems and procedures to protect you along the trading way. Empowerment is the name of the game here, and knowledge is a wonderfully empowering tool. It gives the person the confidence to tackle the most difficult of debtors, by knowing who they are dealing with.

I have used psychology in my credit management years to a great advantage, and have yet to meet a debtor who outwitted me. Because I make sure I know who I am dealing with
Even my own Clients!

Following good credit management practise along with the above, also puts you in a better position should you need to use the Legal route to obtain payment. A well presented case is more favourable to a Judge, than a lot of messy paperwork, and “he said, she said” arguments.  I offer first hour consultation free, and can provide a backup service bespoke to your needs
For more about Credit Matters visit or contact Jean for advice on 07951 265820.

Jean is one of the enterprise experts who frequent the Entrepreneurs Clinic at Liverpool Central Library Business and IP Centre, along with Ali McGrath from our Business Advice Team, Councillor Gary Millar and other key business brains.  If you have a business query you can take advantage of the clinic which runs a drop in session each Thursday 1-4pm for a free 15 minute consultation.  

If you are in the process of starting a business and want some extra advice on where to begin and what else you will need to consider, contact the Enterprise Hub team on 0151 706 8113 or 

From Freezers In Her Garden To Feeding 12,000 Mouths A Week! - Katy Elliot's The Nursery Kitchen

Toni Morrison was once quoted as saying; “If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.” – and we believe that this can be applied to all areas of your life and it’s a motto that Katy Elliot – founder and director of The Nursery Kitchen took on in 1998 when she started her own business.

Nearly 20 years ago, Katy who at that time was a single mother with two small children found that the quality of the food in her children’s day care nursery was not what she thought it should be. After speaking to the nurseries about this, she says; ‘They implied that if I could do better, then maybe I should.’ – This sparked an idea in Katy’s mind and The Nursery Kitchen was born – she was on a one woman mission to create and produce a range of delicious, home-cooked meals using the freshest local produce for babies and toddlers and to be supplied to nurseries.

And she’s succeeded! The Nursery Kitchen now feeds over 12,000 mouths a week and delivers to day nurseries throughout the UK. Katy manages a team of 12, has moved from her kitchen table to own premises, won awards for her achievements and is thinking of more exciting ways to expand and grow The Nursery Kitchen.

Katy told us; ’20 years ago there was not the help out there for single mums wanting to start a business. And I was really nervous at first! I had two small children and no childcare so at the beginning I made the decision to work from home so when my children weren’t in nursery I could care for them.’

Like most start-ups, one of the biggest barriers for Katy was financial – ‘I struggled to get finance from the banks as they viewed me as a single mum trying to start up a cottage industry from home’ and of course, like many of the women starting their own businesses, juggling different roles was a challenge for Katy; ‘I juggle so many different roles both within the business; managing staff, cash flow, customers, secretarial work and cleaning work too! And on the personal side of things, I’m trying to be a good mother of two, a friend, a daughter and a sister.’

But Katy is clearly fantastic at juggling as the business has gone from strength to strength over the years. In 2013 she moved the business from her house to premises. ‘At that point my house had 30 chest freezers in it and my garden was full of sheds!’ It was at this point that Katy began to expand her team, starting with 2 members of staff and growing to the 12 strong team that she has now.

Katy at Merseyside Women of the Year Award
2016 has been one very exciting year for The Nursery Kitchen! ‘At the beginning of the year we won a contract to start supplying weaning food to COOK who have over 90 retail shops. Our initial order was 18,000 meals which was so exciting for us and was our first venture into retail! We were also able to beginning delivering nationwide to nurseries and this has continued to expand.’

It was this year as well that Katy met our team at The Women’s Organisation and began working with us on our business growth programme; ‘We have not looked back since we met The Women’s Organisation. We’ve worked with Janine (Hyland – Business Adviser) and Ali (McGrath – Enterprise Enable) who have offered us help and advice on every aspect of the business! This included recommending a bank that would work with us; we switched banks, consolidated our loans and got a much improved interest rate which instantly saved us £400 a month! Janine and Ali have been superb and have always been on the end of the phone when we need them!’

This year has also been the year that Katy has achieved some fantastic recognition for all the hard work that she has put into her business since 1998. ‘I was nominated for the Merseyside Women of the Year Entrepreneur Award and to my amazement I actually won! I was told by my team that it was what I deserved for all the hard work I had put in over the years, which was lovely! The award now takes pride of place in our offices!’ As well as this Katy has also been shortlisted for the Businessperson of the Year Award at the Wirral Chamber of Commerce which will take place at the end of September; ‘It’s another great honour.’
The Merseyside Women of the Year Award
The Nursery Kitchen has some great plans for the future and Katy told us; ‘In October this year we will be launching our new range of ready meals which will appeal to all ages. Firstly we have our Pensioner Pots, which are not quite full adult portion sizes as we have found that as people get older a normal sized meal is too much – so we have developed this one pot range which can be put in a microwave or oven with just enough content.’

‘Then we also have our single portion and family sized portion ready meals, all these dishes are based on the same ethos as the children’s nursery food – locally sourced produce with no additives and cooked with care by our lovely team of chefs.’

And what advice would Katy offer to a woman who might be in the same position that she was nearly twenty years ago? Wanting to start her own business but not sure where to begin! ‘DON’T! Only joking! My advice would be to surround yourself with a good team who care about the product and are willing to work together. I would also say, take good financial advice and keep an eye on the numbers!’

‘I have worked hard to get to this point and have learnt things along the way – I would have done things differently looking back – but there wasn’t as much support out there when I started the business. I would say – keep preserving and it will happen – Don’t give up!’
If you would like to find out more about Katy and The Nursery Kitchen, you can do by using the contact details below!

Phone: 0151 345 0155

And if you’ve been inspired by Katy’s story and would like some support and advice to help you start or grow your own business, then get in touch with us – email us on or ring us on 0151 706 8111

Friday, September 16, 2016

Helen Pankhurst Is Coming To Liverpool For A Very Special Event…

On Wednesday September 28th something very exciting is happening at The Women’s Organisation and YOU are invited! Helen Pankhurst, great granddaughter of suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst will be visiting Liverpool for an in-conversation event with our CEO; Maggie O’Carroll – ‘What Would Our Great Grandmother’s Say?’

We will be celebrating how far we have come over the past 20 years in improving women’s economic development, speaking about the changes in women’s lives over the last century and of course, asking Helen – What would your Great Grandmother say?

Dr Helen Pankhurst is a women’s rights activist and senior advisor to the humanitarian and development agency CARE International, a Board Member of ActionAid, and a Visiting Professor at the LSE and at Manchester Metropolitan University. She works partly in Ethiopia supporting the development of programs focused on the interests and needs of women and girls. In the UK, she is a public speaker and writer on feminist issues.

Maggie O’Carroll is the CEO of The Women’s Organisation, the largest developer and deliverer of enterprise support targeting women in the UK. Maggie successfully started and grew her own management consultancy business in the early 1990’s and in 1996 she started The Women’s Organisation. Maggie has driven the creation of a £5.3m Women’s International Centre for Economic Development based in Liverpool hosting business support, incubation, education, and research, policy development and advocacy services.

Emmeline Pankhurst was a British political activist and leader of the British suffragette movement who helped women win the right to vote. In 1999 Time named Pankhurst as one of the 100 Most Important People of the20th Century, stating; ‘She shaped an idea of women for our time, she shook society into a new pattern from which there could be no going back.’

So on Wednesday September 28th – we are inviting you to be part of this very special event! A conversation with Helen Pankhurst and The Women’s Organisation CEO; Maggie O’Carroll – it’s the feminist event of the year – and we would be delighted to have you join us!

Tickets are just £5 and they are selling out pretty quickly already – so if you’d like to come along we suggest you move fast! All profits from this event will be donated to Helen’s charity CARE International

The Perfect Samosa Duo Are Taking The Foodie World By Storm!

We love our jobs most days, but there are some days that we love even more than most! And the day that we visited Kay Wadud from Perfect Samosa – the brains behind the most mind-blowingly delicious artisan samosa was one of those days! Kay has just moved into a commercial kitchen and the W.O team thought this would be a great time to pay her a visit, and maybe sample a samosa or two…

The idea behind Perfect Samosa is to create a samosa with a twist and the fantastic ideas just keep coming! On Kay’s menu so far you can try; Bengali lamb with Sweet Potato infused in Cinnamon - ,AND wait for this…A full English samosa, and the one we’ve all been waiting for – a Nutella fudge brownie samosa! Yes, our mouths are watering just typing this!

Kay launched Perfect Samosa in January 2016 and from there it’s just snowballed – and we’re sure it’s because of the amazing, creative and delicious samosa’s that Kay and her team are creating! Kay told us; ‘I had no idea when I started it that this would happen. I knew that they were things that people loved but I never dreamed it would grow this fast.’ Within 9 months, Kay has moved from her utility room into purpose-built kitchens and is quickly building up a client basis across the North-West of the country.

Prior to setting up her own business Kay was a Police Officer and lived in Bedfordshire, before moving to Merseyside and working as a Business Analyst looking at Wirral Council’s digital strategies. ‘When my last contract came to an end I decided that I just needed a change. I knew I was employable but I kept thinking – what is it that I want to do? And making food, making people happy with food has always been a passion of mine!’

Once Kay had decided that she would take a leap into the unknown, she got in touch with The Women’s Organisation and began working closely with Business Adviser John Jones and Training Coordinator Bernie Cox, attending our courses and workshops and receiving ongoing support with her business plan. Kay has built up a close relationship with John and Bernie and has plenty of nice things to say about the advice and guidance that she’s received!

‘Bernie has been tremendous! When we first came we were taken aback by her Planning for Success course because it was so good! And John has been great – he’s been helping us with the numbers because he’s good at those! John is also there to bounce ideas off of, he’s been a fantastic help to us which I’m grateful for.’

Things have really started to get exciting for Kay in the last couple of months after they were crowned BBC Good Food Show Champions.

Kay’s daughter and Co-Founder, Sanya told us; ‘BBC Good Food Show Champions are showcased in an exclusive area of each Good Food Show enabling them to gain a unique platform in front of thousands of food enthusiasts, industry experts and chefs to celebrate and escalate their business.’ After visiting the London studios and cooking for the BBC Good Food staff and producers, Perfect Samosa were named Champions!

‘As this year’s Champions we are invited to attend all of the BBC Good Food Shows this year across the UK to events where celebrity chefs, top brands in food, other world-class producers and around 90,000 foodies (per event) attend in search of the next great thing in food.’ (You can check out Sunya’s full blog on this here!)

The unique part of Perfect Samosa is just how fresh every single element is! Whilst we were visiting Kay’s kitchen she was preparing her butternut squash and coriander samosa and told us; ‘I’ve brought everything fresh this morning, from the lamb to the vegetables and now we make it. After this it’s gets fried and then we package them and deliver them all over.’

Looking to the future of the business, Kay is focussing her energies on finding new contracts and leads and is looking forward to being able to employ a member of staff to help with the cooking. ‘I can get caught up in the operations side of things, so I want to get a bit more smart and have some help with the laborious side which is the cooking.’ – Already Perfect Samosa has contracts with Knowsley Council, Cheese & Co and various Farm Shops across the North West, and they have been visiting Farmer’s Markets and festivals all throughout the summer!

So, if you’d like to get your hands on the Perfect Samosa, and believe us, you do! Check out where Kay and her team are going to be next on Facebook and Instagram and on and take a look at their website if you’d like to get in touch!

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