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Thought Leader #4 | Maggie Mullan | Principal at Maggie Mullan Architects Ltd

The Women’s Organisation Thought Leader Series is back with our fourth interview. We have previously spoken to Hana Awwad of ChocolateEnvelope Designs, Jennie Riding from Ancorra Environmental Services Ltd and Lisa Pearson from the Hampson Hughes Group. And for our fourth Thought Leader we sat down with Maggie Mullan, Principal at Maggie Mullan Architects Ltd.

'A thought leader is an individual that is recognised as an authority in a specialised field, and whose expertise is sought and often rewarded.' 

Speaking to Maggie Mullan is a masterclass in the art of measure, each and every word she says feels powerful, thought-out and exactly as she intended it to be, and it can give you a glimpse into the journey that she has taken to get to where she is today. Maggie Mullan, Principal at her own firm, Maggie Mullan Architects Ltd, has over 20 years’ experience within the industry having designed and delivered on a wide range of projects as well as being a Founding Member of ProfessionalLiverpool, the first female president of the Liverpool Architectural Society, a RIBA Competition Advisor and an External Examiner at the University of Liverpool.

She has worked on huge projects which have shaped the space around us, most recently the incredible Liverpool Central Library which is fast becoming a vital part of the city. But her journey to where she is now hasn’t always been smooth and The Women’s Organisation were honoured to have the opportunity to find out more about Maggie, her work, her beliefs and her passage as a woman in the Architecture industry.

Up until last year Maggie was a partner in a national Architecture firm; Austin-Smith: Lord and in her own words she says; ‘Unfortunately, as partnerships often do, as marriages do, we realised there wasn’t very much in common’ and the relationship between Maggie and the partners broke down, making waves throughout the architecture community. It’s no secret that the relationship between Austin-Smith: Lord and Maggie didn’t end like a fairy tale and throughout our interview she speaks openly and thoughtfully about what happened between herself and the firm and the things that she learnt from the experience.

She set up her own practice around seven months ago and says; ‘Now I’m in a strange sort of situation because at Austin-Smith: Lord I managed big projects. Now I am a sole practitioner what I am endeavouring to do is maintain that profile and select projects or elements of projects where I can keep my expertise.’ Maggie as an Architect has specialist areas which lie in Brief Development, Higher Education and Project Management and she now finds herself at an in-between position which gives her flexibility to work with other Architectural Practices fronting projects, as well as work on her own steam. She says; ‘This means that I can keep true to my expertise and ideology without getting too big.’  

Maggie’s values as an Architect, it’s clear to see, have always remained the same and perhaps it is these which didn’t fit into the mould of a large and corporate practice. She is passionate about public spaces and much of her work has been on creating these great spaces that can and should be for everybody to enjoy and her honesty when working, is something that she prides herself on.
‘I believe I am unique in that I would rather walk away from a project, or advise a client against something than carry on and not be totally happy with the result. My reputation and my relationship with the client are much more important than the project.’

When we interviewed Maggie, it was fantastic to see how passionate she was about public spaces and the importance of them and made us reconsider the spaces around us, how much we might take them for granted and the difference they would make if they weren’t there. Maggie’s last project at Austin-Smith: Lord was Liverpool Central Library which she worked on for over 12 years and she says that is the type of architecture that she enjoys;

‘It’s the quality of this project, and by that I don’t necessarily mean cost. It’s a celebration of space and of people coming together with no admission fee. The fact that the highest quality of architecture is available to everyone ensures that  Liverpool Central Library is a statement of value to the community and to reading and literature. It is a triumph.’
Maggie sits on the Diocesan Advisory Committee for the Diocese of Liverpool and believes, much like libraries that these play a vital role in the city; ‘If you move away from the spiritual aspect of it all, it’s actually a community facility. The church has stepped in to support society when the third sector couldn’t be financially sustained.  It’s about commonality and I think that is what is important in architecture. Creating space in which people can come together in their own merit, without having to pay for the virtue of it.’

But Maggie’s career has had some challenges and she is keen to acknowledge that there is rife sexism within the industry. Having studied in Liverpool to become an architect, she arrived in the city, aged 19, from a small town in Ireland and was faced with sexism throughout her education and beyond into her working life. She told us about one experience she had when standing up in a Crit. Session at University and being told by her tutor that she looked like; ‘Every middle aged man’s version of a sexual fantasy.’ She says; ‘I was a very naïve 19 year old from Northern Ireland, and I just didn’t understand what this meant, and I didn’t know what to do…’

And the experiences carried on, she says she experienced ‘ritual groping’ throughout her year out, and says; ‘You just had to put up and shut up, because there weren’t many women around, and nobody would have believed you, and nobody would have been interested.’ She did her best to keep herself out of the situations, but says even when she got to Austin: Smith-Lord she found that it still happened then, when clients sometimes choose not to deal with her and preferred to work with a male architect.

It seems like sexism in Architecture is a big deal, and it’s on the rise, with Architects Journal writing that two thirds of female architects experience some form of sexism over their career with nearly a third reporting regular occurrences, 88% of women architects believe that ‘Having children puts women at a disadvantage in architecture.’
Maggie has two children and it’s clear to see that they are a tight knit team. ‘I’ve been on my own with my kids for about 7 years, they are 11 and 13 and I want to be there for them. I really want them to know that you don’t go from A-Z in a straight line, and that sometimes things hit you and it’s your ability to pick yourself up that is important. Everyone makes mistakes and things aren’t easy. I think they’ve been through a lot with me, my kids and they’ve got an incredible life experience that expands beyond their years.’

After the difficult split from her partners in Austin-Smith: Lord, Maggie had to do just what she tells her children to do, pick herself up. She was banned from entering the office, had her emails cut off and connections spoken to on her behalf, but thankfully, because of her incredible reputation; she was supported by those she had worked for on projects, over the years. ‘I’ve been absolutely humbled by the support I’ve had from clients and people I’ve worked with in the industry, who have come forward and said “We’ve heard about what happened, and don’t worry, we’re on your side” because a lot of people knew me within the North West.’

Bouncing back from what happened with Austin-Smith: Lord was tough and Maggie says that for a long time she was in shock about what went on, but now sees it as a lesson – about who to get into business with and who not to get into business with. Now, the future is the most important thing with Maggie as she grows her own firms and continues her fantastic work, currently working with University of Liverpool School of Environmental Science Collocation Scoping Study and back in April was the winner of The National Wildflower Centre contest in Knowsley, who will now enlist her to design their new masterplan.

‘It’s harder now, because I’ve got to account for every hour and the next year will be tough. Self-belief is one of those things that’s hard to come by, but necessity drives me forward. I’ve got to have the resilience to pick myself up, and do whatever I can do, today.’

The Women’s Organisation would like to say a massive thank-you to Maggie for being part of our Thought Leader series and for telling us her story. If you want to find out more about Maggie and her work, please use the contact details below…

Contact Details

Maggie Mullan Architects 

Please take a look at our previous Thought Leader interviews from Jennie Riding, Hana Awwad and Lisa Pearson, and keep your eyes peeled for the next one!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Save The Bombed Out Church - Have Your Say In The Survey

The Women’s Organisation believes The Bombed Out Church is an institution in the city of Liverpool that needs to continue the fantastic work that it already does and grow with the future of the city, and to support this belief we want to tell you all about what is going on!

“Liverpool City Council has launched an online survey in which they seek to determine the public’s opinion regarding the continued use of St Luke’s Church.”

The Bombed Out Church says that their objective has always been to run the church in a way that is complementary to the wishes and interests of the city’s people and are delighted that there is an opportunity for the public to have their say!

Their long term plan for the space is to secure its ‘continued status as a living war memorial visitor centre and cultural venue; through the organisation of community based projects, art, installations and cultural events’

The results of the consultation will lead the Council to appoint an occupier of the Church for the New Year. As we all know The Bombed Out Church and Ambrose Reynolds and his team have invested tens of thousands of hours into the development of St Luke’s as an arts and cultural venue, and they need to be able to continue doing the same! Their plans will involve ‘the considerate and partial redevelopment of the building in order to ensure its safety and improve the onsite facilities’

IF you would like to support The Bombed Out Church to continue doing the fantastic work that they have been doing then you need to complete the survey by Liverpool City Council. The Bombed Out Church say; ‘Please complete the survey honestly, mention your endorsement of our work in the ‘other’ boxes, and when given the opportunity to comment upon what you’d ‘like to see’ happen at St Luke’s, please state that you’d like to see the Bombed Out Church community organisation continue their work within the space.’

And as one visitor wrote in the guestbook of St Luke’s; ‘Preserve The Bombed Out Church as a symbol of the city’

If you would like to fill out the Liverpool City Council survey to support The Bombed Out Church, we have taken a bit of time to craft some answers to the survey questions that would endorse and promote the great work that they do.

We have completed the survey and we don’t feel like the answers to the questions fully reflect what we want to say about St Luke’s so, on each question we took the opportunity to fill in more details in the ‘Other’ box reiterating the work that The Bombed Out Church do.

Please do take the time, to have your say on what you would like to happen to such an important space in the city.

Thank you!

From The Women’s Organisation

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hello To Our Age Old Friend: ‘The Gender Pay Gap’

It seems somewhat ironic that in the same day where we are reading all about Calvin Harris, the world’s top ten highest paid DJ’s and the tens of millions of pounds they will take home this year (Forbes Electronic Cash Kings 2015), we are still having that same age old debate around women and the gender pay gap.
A new survey today carried out by the Chartered Management Institute and the pay analysts XPertHR, reveals that Female managers in the UK earn 22% less than their male counterparts and “work for free” for nearly two hours a day.

According to the survey of more than 72,000 managers in the UK, the difference in pay equates to one hour and 40 minutes of unpaid labour a day by women, or 57 working days a year.

The gender pay gap across management professions now stands at £8,524, with male earnings averaging £39,136 compared with £30, 612 for female managers, according to the survey.

Image taken from The Telegraph 

The current government ensure us that new rules forcing companies with more than 250 workers to disclose the pay gap in their workplaces are coming. But here at The Women’s Organisation we still don’t believe that this is enough. 

Maggie O’Carroll, CEO of The Women’s Organisation say’s ‘These statistics come as no surprise but it is still outrageous and companies need to have a penalty imposed – because this is the only way it will change their behavior!’.

The Women’s Organisation is an award-winning social enterprise, which has been operating on Merseyside and in Manchester since 1996.  Based at 54 St James Street in the Baltic Triangle area of the city, The Women’s Organisation is the UK’s largest female enterprise agency providing a range of services focused on supporting women to start and develop small and medium-sized enterprises.

To find out more about the help and support available for women from The Women’s Organisation call 0151 706 8111 or email  Alternatively visit the web site at

Nicole Konigs Balfry Launches Zest After Many Years Managing Events Across Liverpool...

Nicole is the woman to go to if you want to talk about events. With over 5 solid years working on events and festivals across the city before setting up her own business, Zest, she knows her stuff when it comes to putting on fantastic events.

Nicole says; ‘My background is project management and Zest is an events consultancy business. I provide a raft of services ranging from giving advice over managing projects to the actual delivery of events; whatever level of support you are looking for, really!’ Among Zest’s core values are opening good communication channels and allowing her clients to be as little or as much involved as they want. As Nicole knows well; ‘You might have organised a fabulous event but won’t be able to enjoy it fully because you always need to have your eye on the ball. I have the expertise to take the effort and stress off the client so they can sit back and enjoy their own event.’

Prior to setting up Zest in April 2014, Nicole worked for Orb Events managing a range of interesting projects. She was part of the team who organised Liverpool Pride in 2010, her first event: ‘Seeing the work of the past months come to fruition and thousands of happy people celebrating as a result was an incredible feeling and I never looked back.’ Current clients include The Liverpool Mental Health Consortium and the British Association of Hand Therapists. 

Over the last few years, Nicole has worked as a project manager for local events, different companies and community arts charities. Thus, she formed relationships with numerous organisations, building a great network which supported her when she launched Zest last year. One of these organisations was ourselves: Nicole had known about The Women’s Organisation for a few years, having attended our events including our launch of our building of 54 St James Street.

Nicole says; ‘When I started up Zest, I was looking for expert advice and contacted The Women’s Organisation. I was put in touch with one of the Senior Business Advisers, John Jones. One of the great things about working with John is that he asks me strategic questions about my business, which make me stop and think. Once you sit back and talk to someone, you can look at your business from the outside, which has been really useful!’
With experience in business development when she was setting up Zest, Nicole runs her business herself with an accountant on “stand-by” for tricky questions and the annual return. She has been building on her skills steadily, but says ‘I don’t think I would have got my head around setting up the business without the help I’ve received.’ Now that her business is up and running and she is working on her social media skills and her website, she says; ‘I’m quite proud of this and I’m still learning every day, which is great.’

Listening is key to Zest’s core values: ‘Listening to clients and making sure their visions and objectives are being realised is extremely important.’ And the business is now at an exciting stage of growing: with the ground work being done, Nicole is keen to meet new clients, expand her business and continue to put on fantastic events across the city. ‘My objectives are to do a great job every time and to grow my portfolio and client base. I am looking to expand the network of organisations and people that I work with, as feedback, input and mutual support improve work in every respect.’

If you would like to find out more about Nicole and Zest, or if you are putting on an event and would like to see how Nicole can help you with this, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with her using the contact details below!

As well as running and planning events, Nicole is teaching a new course at 54 St James Street to share her knowledge about events! You can contact her for more information using the details below or register for a place on the course on September 24th here! 

 And if you are setting up your own business, The Women’s Organisation are here to help you! Contact or ring us on 0151 706 8111 to find out what we can do to support you…

Nicole Konigs Balfry – Zest
Telephone: 07917004807
Twitter: Zest_uk
Website: Currently under construction, watch this space!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Business Club Launch - The World of Social Media Event with Ph.Creative - 17th September

If you haven’t heard about the launch of our new Business Club, where have you been? Because frankly we haven’t stopped talking about it! And with good reason, because we are so excited for our first event and for the future of the new Women’s Org Business Club. We are aiming to become the leading female only business owners networking club in the North, and beyond, and we hope that you will all be involved with us along the way!

Our first event, the big launch will be taking place on Thursday 17th September from 6-8:30pm, here at 54 St James Street. We are delighted to be joined at this event with the fab guys from Ph. Creative. Andy Flatman and Mark Russell will be joining us to talk…Social Media.
Ph. Creative is one of the fastest growing internet marketing companies in the city, so we are delighted that Andy and Mark will be joining us to discuss Social Media, different channels and their functions, as well as how to create good content and a Q&A session.

Ph. Creative has also kindly donated some copies of New Yok’s best-selling author, Gary Vaynerchuck’s ‘Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook’, so all attendees will receive a copy included in their ticket price!

Here’s what one reviewer had to say about the book…

‘If you use Social Media to promote a business or a product, this book is a great resource for you as you develop your Social Media strategy. Gary Vaynerchuk covers just about everything you need to know about marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr, and he provides examples of good and bad marketing attempts on each of these networks. He also briefly covers what he calls “emerging networks” – LinkedIn, Google+, Vine and Snapchat.’

It’s a great read (we have one!) and along with attending the event, we hope everyone will leave feeling fully geared up to take the Social Media works by storm!

To find out more about Ph.Creative and the fantastic work that they do, visit theirwebsite, or book a spot on their monthly Pizza & Peroni Workshops, where you ‘can learn how to propel your business to the top of Google’s rankings.’

So, who is up for joining us at our first Business Club event!? If you are a female business owner, and you are interested in joining our Business Club, then you can read all about the benefits here, and email us on to find out more and receive an application form!

But, don’t worry! If you are not a Business Club member, but still want to attend the event, you can! Business Club member tickets are £5, and Non Business Club member tickets are £10, and these can be purchased through Eventbrite here!

We hope to see lots of you at the event!

The Women’s Organisation

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Learn About Facebook For Business With The W.O - Top Five Tips & New Course Announcement!

Here at The Women’s Organisation, we are Social Media obsessed and we’re not afraid to shout about it! Everyone knows that using Social Media for your business is important. It’s free, it’s beneficial and it can really help the public to find out about your business and for you, as a business to shout about all of the great thing you are doing.

We have an exciting new course up our sleeves to sit alongside our other Social Media courses of Hootsuite, Twitter, LinkedIn and Building a Social Media Strategy, and we are delighted to announce the introduction of our newest course; Facebook for Business!

Join us, and our fantastic Training Co-Coordinator; Bernie Cox (If you haven’t met her yet, then you haven’t lived!) as we show you how to create your own Business page on Facebook and give you an insight into the different tools available on Facebook to promote and create sales and interest in your business.

Here are a couple of top tips on using Facebook for your business, and if you want to find out much, much more, then you’ll need to join us on our course!

Top Five Facebook for Business Tips from The Women’s Organisation…


One of the best things you can do on your Facebook for Business page is make sure all of the correct information is there. Be sure to have your hours of business, and contact information featured prominently. It’s also good to have a cover photo, and profile picture. These small steps will show that your business is active and will make sure that it looks professional.


Everyone loves a competition, and Facebook is a great platform for this! Facebook has updated its Page Terms to allow administrators to run promotions on their pages. One of the best ways to do this is to ask your fans to comment, like or share on a post and pick a winner at random from there. Asking them to share will especially help as it will give people who haven’t already liked your page, to see it and then head over and have a look!


Something that is easily missed out on, this is such an easy, simple way to build the network on your Business Page. Inviting people to your page is similar to including a call to action on your website or any updates you do. The most important thing to remember is, if you want people to like your page, simply ask! Try including direct invitation in your email marketing, other Social Media platforms and newsletters.


The best way to grow your Facebook page is to post content regularly. If you struggle with this, or even if you don’t, a great idea for this is to schedule content in advanced. Also, remember that you may have international visitors so posting at all hours of the day will highlight different engagement rates. The best tool for this is Hootsuite, a social media management channel and scheduling tool, which we run a course on! Get your head around it with us, here at The Women’s Organisation and also use the scheduling tool within Facebook itself.


They do say that imitation is the best form of flattery, so one of our top tips is take a look around! Find other Facebook Business Pages that you like, what is it that they do well? What is it that they don’t do? Figure out the things that you like on that page, and imitate them in your own way; put your own spin on them!

So, if those five tips helped you and you want to learn more about Facebook for Business, then come along to our course! Dates are being announced soon, so get in touch with us on to register your interest. 

Happy Facebooking!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The End Of An Era - 54 St James Street Say Goodbye to León+Coco...

It's always a sad day to see a tenant leave our building, but it was especially sad, when last week we said goodbye

Diana Heredia from León+Coco who has been here with us for four years, joining us a short time after we opened our wonderful flagship building, 54 St James Street.

Diana and León+Coco have been previously featured on our blog as Tenant of the Week, and when we wished them a 3rd Anniversary of being in the building (read the full pieces by following the links) and is it any wonder!? We think they are fab!

As Diana packed up her office, we managed to steal a few minutes of her time and ask her about herself, her business, and how she felt about moving on from 54 St James Street...

Please can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your business?

My name is Diana Heredia. I studied interior architecture in Germany before moving to the UK and starting a family. When my older children were little I started making soft furnishings and clothing for them and friends’ children and at some point decided to start my business León+Coco dedicated to unique children’s products.

How long have you been at 54 St James Street?

I have been at 54 St James Street for four years since Coco started school

What is it that you like the best about 54 St James Street?

Well, I love the building, it is very open, fits in perfectly with the look and heritage of the area unlike other new builds in the area which appear utterly incoherent and of questionable quality. The room I rented was well laid out, very light and spacious and the staff was always friendly and professional. It was also good to meet other people with entirely different businesses. The openness of the building is quite conducive to dialogue and exchanges in the public areas and passage ways so there are plenty of opportunities to meet other people, which I believe enhances the work experience.

Have you received help from The Women’s Organisation, what kind of support have you received?

Initially I just wanted to explore if self-employment was an option for me, but within a short space of time I found myself writing a business plan and attending business support classes. I also received a start-up grant back in 2010

Where are you moving onto?

I am hoping to move the business into the new house we’re planning to buy. While I am a firm believer that it is much better and more efficient to work away from home, this option is more practical with a toddler and we would have the combination of an office, studio and eventually a workshop as well, which will be more cost effective in our home setting.

Are you involved in the Baltic Triangle community?

My family and me are very involved in the community and try to connect with residents and businesses as often as possible as we believe that engaging with your neighbourhood is what roots people in a place. I am on the Board of Engage Liverpool and therefore very committed to helping make this area and the whole city a more liveable place. 

What will you miss about 54 St James Street?
I will miss walking to work; those minutes at the start of the day needed to clear my head and make a mental plan of what needs to be done, then seeing the friendly faces on reception and working in an undisturbed environment where everything is unrelated to home, without distractions like telephones, household, etc. And I will miss seeing the Mersey out of my window. 

A massive thank you to Diana for taking the time out to speak to us, we're very sad to see her go, but wish her all the best for the future! (And hopefully she won't be gone forever, and will still pop in to see us from time to time!)

And if you are interested in renting an office from us, please don't hesitate to get in touch, by emailing or phoning 0151 706 8111, you can take a look at our website too! 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Thank You To Liverpool Loves From The W.O

We've finally got our heads screwed back on after a crazy couple of days, and we're sure the team behind Liverpool Loves are feeling just the same! We had a great day at Liverpool Loves Business on Thursday and here's a quick run down of what we got up to...

Thank you to Liverpool Loves for a fab day!

So, last weekend finally arrived, and it was the weekend of the hotly anticipated Liverpool Loves Festival! Here at The Women’s Organisation we have been waiting for Thursday 6th August, for what seems like a lifetime, so it was fantastic for the day to finally roll around, and the team at The Women’s Organisation were raring to go, and get down to Liverpool Loves Business.

Despite a late minute change of location, and some horrible gloomy weather, spirits weren’t dampened and the Breakfast Networking Session was full with business men and women from around the city, fuelled by heaps of bacon sandwiches and pastries.

The day was packed from beginning to end with different talks, seminars and workshops on all different topics and areas of business. We really enjoyed ‘Make Sure Your Shop Window Is Smiling’ with Darren McLeod from Agent Marketing, as well as ‘Get The Right Mix of Marketing And Media’ with Paul Corcoran from Agent also. A personal highlight for us was Paul shouting across The Cunard Building to Councillor Gary Millar who was speaking at the same time on a different stage, and challenging him to a sing-off!

The Women’s Organisation were delighted to be partners of the festival and to be so involved in the day, we had a busy stand where we got the opportunity to chat to the business people of Liverpool all day and share the news about what we are up to at the moment, like the addition of our new Social Media training courses, and the relaunch of our Business Club.

At lunchtime our ‘Let’s Connect’ lunchtime networking session began and it was great to see so many of our clients had come down to The Cunard for the session. The premise behind ‘Let’s Connect’ was to do to a bit of facilitated networking, where the attendees were given a colour coded sticker for whichever category they fitted into. Pink for a business owner, purple for a network, blue for finance and green for marketers, so as well as attendees being able to highlight who they were and who they were interested in talking to, it definitely broke the ice too!

In the afternoon, our CEO Maggie O’Carroll came down and spoke about being pioneering in Business, asking the audience who they believed was pioneering, unsurprisingly, or surprisingly, the answers well all male. Maggie spoke about the recipe for being pioneering, being a leader and gave examples of some fantastic female Liverpool pioneers.

 We had a great day down at Liverpool Loves Business, and it was the perfect start to the weekend which continued on with Liverpool Loves Ireland on Friday evening, and a whole day of activities, music, food and drink on Saturday when the sun was shining down on the Pier Head!

Thank you for having us Liverpool Loves! And well done on such a great day!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Women’s Organisation Launches New Business Club!

It’s been a great year for us, and to top it all off, we have some very exciting news! We are launching our new bigger and better Business Club!

The Women’s Organisation Business Club is an exclusive women’s only networking group, which is open to all female business owners. We are aiming to become the leading, fastest-growing women’s only Business Club in the North West, and the rest of the U.K.
And we want you to be a part of it!

To all the women that we have worked with, as they have set up and grown their businesses, this is the opportunity to get involved in a networking club that will have your priorities at the heart of it. And the list of benefits for joining our Business Club will get longer and longer as we continue to grow!

Here are a few of the benefits that you will receive as a Business Club member…

Exclusive access to the Business Club private LinkedIn group, where you will be able to do business and build relationships with other members.

Regular networking events, where you will be able to access priority booking and reduced rates, these events will feature guest speakers and facilitated networking to help you build your contacts and confidence.

Opportunities to become a ‘Featured Business’ at our events.

PR and Case Study opportunities that we will pass onto our members, whether this is TV or print publications, or our own stock of Case Studies, as Business Club member we will ensure that we come to offer you these opportunities first


If this sounds like something that you would like to be involved with, then get in touch with us and become a Business Club member! Membership is open to female business owners only, and your membership is per individual, not business. If you have members of staff, no problem! They can be booked onto events as you go!

To join, we don’t have a membership fee as such. All we ask is that you make a donation to The Women’s Organisation charity. We are constantly seeking financial support through fundraising and donations to pay for our essential work, and so your donation would be gratefully received. It will help towards the cost of running Business Club and help us to continue to deliver our support for women in business. The minimum donation to our charity is £25, but of course, larger donations are welcome!


Fear not, you can still access our networking events if you are not a Business Club member! Just not the benefits of the Business Club. Non-members as welcome to book onto our events on a pay-as-you-go basis and benefit from the great networking opportunities when you attend!

Right then!

So when is the big launch?

Well our first event is happening in September, so come and join us as we delve into the world of Social Media! On Thursday 17th September, 6-8:30pm, we will be launching our Business Club with this first event!
We are looking forward to meeting our new Business Club members, and we’ll be joined by PH Creative for a discussion about the importance of Social Media.

In an age where business is no longer just word of mouth, but more ‘world of mouth’, how can you adapt a clear Social Media strategy using the right tools and approach with your Social Media marketing? Speak to the experts at the event, PH Creative and find out hints and tips on using Social Media for your business, as well as getting the opportunity to network with women in business.

And that’s it!

We’ve told you all there is to tell you about our new Business Club and our first event, to find out more use the links below and get in touch with us!

To join Business Club

Telephone: 0151 706 8111