Wednesday, September 30, 2015

In The Media : H&M Become First Retail Store To Feature Model Wearing a Hiijab – And They Scouted Her On Instagram…

If you haven’t seen the latest advert for H&M, then you’re missing it. It’s a fantastic piece of advert that states an important message. Featured within the 1 minute advert is such an incredible, diverse group of people of different background, ethnicities, communities and genders. A drag queen, a Muslim woman wearing a Hiijab, a Doctor in bright pink scrubs and a man with a prosthetic leg are a few of the people featured within the advert.  And H&M have got one important message…

‘There Are No Rules In Fashion. Except One. Recycle Your Clothes’

H&M are hell-bent on ‘Closing the Loop’ which is part of their Garment Collecting Programme, a global initiative in which H&M seeks out a sustainable fashion future, by encouraging their consumers to recycle their old clothes. Although the advert has divided commentators, with some people asking whether it is a cynical use of the headdress or a progressive step to be applauded. But the model in question, Mariah Idrissi says that when she was approached by H&M, she went to the photoshoot with the consent of her parents, was able to work with mostly female staff, and has been called an inspiration by Muslim women’s sites.

We think the advert is absolutely fantastic, so make sure you give it a watch (below) and let us know what you think! And something else that is so exciting about it, aside from it being a breakthrough in the world of Hijab wearing models, is the fact that Maria was discovered…On Instagram!

Mariah currently has over 12,000 followers on the image sharing Social Media platform, and it’s no wonder why. Her photos featuring mainly fashion and beauty based themes are always immaculately shot, interesting and varied. And it was building this Instagram following that no doubt attributed to her becoming a personal brand on Instagram and securing modelling work, as well as her work as a motivational public speaker.

Instagram is fast becoming an incredibly powerful tool for your Social Media marketing within your business. Especially if you’re business is particularly visual or targets young people. With its image centric ethos, it’s all about how good what you’re posting looks, as well as the caption and hashtags underneath it. 

As our main man, Gary Vaynerchuk, author of ‘Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook’ says; ‘People love Instagram because of the quality of the content that has up until now been made available there. No one is going to Instagram to see advertisements and stock photos. Native Instagram content is artistic, not commercial. Use your content to express yourself authentically, not commercially.’

Not got onto Instagram for your business yet? Well if you think that it might be a great Social Media platform for your business, and want to start building a following and establishing a brand here, then you need to come and learn lots of useful tips and tricks with our brand new course; Instagram for Business. We’ve just launched this brand new course, and can’t wait to share with you all the things we know about this fantastic platform!

So if you want to find out more about Instagram for Business, head over to our Events page. 

Friday, September 25, 2015

Avoid Linkedin Etiquette Disasters with Linkedin Training

27 year old barrister Charlotte Proudman set the internet alight this month by publicly naming and shaming a linkedin contact for sexism when he commented that she "won the prize for" best photo and referred to her as "stunning" on the social networking site.

Debates that followed indicated many women had similarly felt frustrated being judged on their appearance rather than their credentials online as well as offline.

Media coverage of the incident, including  a seemingly reluctant apology from the gentleman involved, seemed to indicate that he hadn't realised his remarks could be viewed as offensive.

At The Women's Organisation we think that this shines light on the need for more education around gender equality.  If we are to change mindsets then we need to tackle this issue head on.

Social networking can serve to magnify existing problems as it seems often inhibitions lowered when in comes to online communication and common sense can go out of the window. 

As a result we have put together a number of social media for business training courses open to both men and women to raise awareness of appropriate business practices.  

Our 'Maximise Linkedin for Business' course, as well as stepping you through the essentials of getting an 'expert' profile set up and building contacts, deals with how to approach potential contacts, and tone of contact.  Perhaps if Mr Carter-Silk, the gentleman at the centre of this scandal, had attended such training he could have avoided a plethora of bad press and understood why his comments received such a backlash. 

If you would like to find out more about our course available for just £25 per person, please follow this link:

More on the linkedin sexism row here.

In The Media This Week: The Women’s Organisation Aims To Make Its New Business Club The Biggest In The North

Thanks to support from Pink Media, news of our brand new business club women in business network was featured in this week's Liverpool Echo.

Following a fantastically successful launch event and securing headline sponsors Mitchel Charlesworth, The Women's Organisation's new look business club promises to provide fantastic opportunities for local women in business. 

If you are a business owner or professional woman who is looking for networking opportunities and to develop further business skills you can find out more about our business club by visiting our website

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Welcome to 54 St James Street With Bad Bug Media!

If you haven’t been down to 54 St James Street for a visit, then where have you been? Our beautiful flagship building is located in the wonderful and vibrant Baltic Triangle, and we are very, very proud of it! It houses local, female-ran and owned businesses, our wonderful resident cafĂ©, Siren, gorgeous roof terraces and meeting rooms galore!

We teamed up with the fantastic guys from Bad Bug Media who have very kindly made us a video tour of 54 St James Street! Bad Bug Media are a group of happy chaps with ‘a passion for filmmaking’ who are building up their portfolio with corporate videos, commercials, documentaries and short films.

Bad Bug spent the day down at 54 St James Street over the summer and scoured every corner of the building with their camera, and we are so happy to launch their creation! This video showcases everything that we are proud of at 54 St James Street. We know it’s an incredible building, and it’s buzzing with life every day. We hope you enjoy the virtual tour around 54 St James Street, and it encourages you to get down here, and take a look around, in reality!

We had such a great time working with Bad Bug Media, they are a fantastic team! Dedicated, professional and creative and we couldn’t recommend them highly enough! If you’d like a corporate video for your business, or just want to find out more about the work that Bad Bug do, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with them!

And now, the big reveal for the video! We hope you enjoy it. 

Visit their website above, email them on or ring 07714 475 043

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Story of Coffee and Love - Bean Burst Ltd & The Women's Organisation...

Here at The Women’s Organisation, we have spoken to a lot of women, we have interviewed a lot of businesses and we have heard a lot of stories, but none of them perhaps as excitable and cheery as Bean Burst who we had the pleasure of meeting a few months back! Jill Dermott, Sarah McGuiness and Samantha Walters are the women who make up Bean Burst Ltd. and it was a joy to get to chat to them and find out about their business, their journey and their plans for the future!
Bean Burst is an all-natural coffee scrub, created by Jill, Sarah and Samantha and was inspired by what they say was; ‘A Mother’s Curiosity’ after Jill’s son Fin developed eczema which was becoming more and more inflamed and agitated through use of the modern medications that were being prescribed. 

Jill says; ‘I began researching articles surrounding natural remedies for eczema. Himalayan salt was widely being used in scrubs, but the surprising ingredient being used more and more in treatments for eczema was coffee. Research showed that coffee, which is full of antioxidants can help to reduce the inflammation by constricting the cells beneath the skin, however anyone with eczema knows that the main frustration is with the dry angry, agitated skin, therefore I needed to add an element of moisture to the formula to help rehydrate Fin’s skin. It was at this point that I started making my own coffee scrub with coconut oil & pink Himalayan salt. His skin started to improve so I used it on myself and my skin seriously felt amazing – I cant explain how soft it felt!'

Once Sarah and Samantha saw the improvements in Fin’s skin and the softness of Jill’s, they began to use it too and it was at that point they knew that they wanted to start making their own scrubs and turn this idea into a business reality. Jill says; ‘There was really nothing out there like this and we thought it could be a good business venture for us. The benefits of coffee on the skin were just starting to be known at that point, so it was the right time to do it. We worked hard together to formulate a coffee scrub that contained only the finest ingredients - ingredients that would benefit the skin’

Bean Burst is the product of much experimenting. The team are proud to say that this product contains NO preservatives and is 100% natural. They now have their three signature blends of coffee scrub; Sweet Orange, Peppermint and Grapefruit and The Women’s Organisation can tell you that they smell…Incredible!

Jill, Sarah and Samantha, all close friends and now business partners blend perfectly as a team too with each individual bringing a different skill and unique take on the business to the mixture. Jill is a doting mum of 2 little boys and also a fully qualified physiotherapist with a background in chemistry and biology. Therefore researching and formulating the products came natural and easy to her. ‘Since having children I have become interested in both researching and sourcing natural products which are free from toxins / nasty chemicals, I’m a believer that nature can cure all’

Whereas on the other side of the coin, Sarah is a trained actress and lives in London, Sarah now splits her time between there and Liverpool and is having a great time experiencing being a business woman as well as continuing to act. ‘I feel really proud of what we’ve created, It’s a fun brand and you can see bits of all of us in it.’

And Samantha considers herself to be more business minded, having 5 years field Sales and Account Management experience, her most recent role working in Medical Device Sales as a Territory Manager. Her interest in Health and Fitness developed after her First Class Honours Degree in Sports Development and Physical Education. Samantha is able to bring acumen to both the team and Bean Burst Ltd. Sam’s passion for travelling has opened her eyes to the difficulties in ethical trading, she is now interested in helping to ethically source the majority of Bean Burst’s ingredients, ensuring Bean Burst use only fair traded goods where possible.

The Bean Burst Team were informed about The Women’s Organisation after going to open the business bank account. Jill, Sarah and Samantha then went for a meeting at The Women’s Organisation and were paired with with Senior Business Adviser, Huda Mamoun who they say is ‘an angel in disguise’. When The Women’s Organisation interview Bean Burst, it is clear that it was a match made in heaven because they have nothing but praise to pile on Huda. Samantha says; ‘She has been absolutely phenomenal since our first encounter.’ And they’ve had a great time with Training Co-Ordinator Bernie Cox taking part in all our courses including ‘Building a Social Media Strategy’ and ‘Understanding Tax and National Insurance’.
Jill says Huda has helped them countless times and to understand things that otherwise, they would just not have known about. ‘It was little things like getting our trademark sorted out. We had no clue how to do it. We thought you had to go through a solicitor because that’s the route it takes you through on the website. We were getting quoted thousands of pounds. But we went to Huda and she gave us a link which saved us £1500! It was that kind of thing, because it’s been a massive learning curve for all of us, we are learning as we go along.’

Bean Burst Ltd is now up, running and raring to go with an incredible website courtesy of the super talented guys at Deerhound creative. The girls have found the perfect words to sum up what they hope the future will hold for them…

‘This is just the start, we are passionate and committed to continually evolve, through research and development, to bring you new and exciting natural products that will #BringYourSkinToLife’

A big thank you to the Bean Burst team for bringing a burst of joy into our day, to find out more about Jill, Samantha and Sarah and their fantastic product, use the contact details below! If you have a business idea that you would like help with, then get in touch with The Women’s Organisation by emailing us on or ringing 0151 706 8111

Bean Burst Contact Details
Phone: 07793018799

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Mitchell Charlesworth Announced as Sponsors of The Women’s Organisation Business Club

TheWomen’s Organisation Business Club had a massive revamp over the summer and we have been blown away by the incredible response we have had from our fantastic business women. So many of you have signed up to become members and are keen to start benefiting from being part of the club. As well as this, we’ve had a phenomenal response to our launch event to be held this Thursday, and can’t wait to see lots of you there! This is just the beginning of our journey to become the leading female-only Business Networking Club in the North of England, and we’d like to thank you all for your support so far!

And just when we thought things couldn’t get any better, we got confirmation this week that Mitchell Charlesworth, Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors, are to be the 2015/2016 Headline Sponsors for the club.

MitchellCharlesworth, Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors, offer a locally based, complete financial and accounting solution for businesses and individuals. They have offices across the North West with a presence in Liverpool, Chester, Manchester, Warrington and Widnes.

Their large range of advisory services are delivered by eighteen partners and over 150 staff. The team are fiercely protective of their tradition of building long term client relationships and taking a genuine interest in their affairs and ensuring they reach their goals.

Their team of specialists have the experience and expertise to make a difference and can help you and your business with all of your financial and planning needs. That is why Mitchell Charlesworth can be so much more than 'just' your accountants; they can be your advisors too. They provide tax, grant and funding, accounts preparation, wealth management, corporate finance, restructuring, insurance, auto enrolment and payroll services.

They have a depth of experience advising new start and SME businesses from a range of sectors; examples being hospitality and leisure, media and creative, beauty and cosmetics, professional services, charities, manufacturing, healthcare and medical services, housing associations and technology.

Mitchell Charlesworth will be teaming up with The Women’s Organisation and acting as our sponsors for this year’s Business Club and our events, which we are delighted about, as are they!

‘Deciding to become headline sponsor for the Women’s Organisation Business Club was an easy one to make. Mitchell Charlesworth supports new start and growing SME businesses and the Business Club is the perfect forum to meet women entrepreneurs who need advice, want to understand their obligations and make their business successful. In the last 12 months, Mitchell Charlesworth have seen more women take the initiative and start a business than ever before and we want to support these businesses, and members of The Women’s Organisation Business Club, so they reach their full potential. We can already see how much planning the Women’s Organisation have put into making the Business Club programme a success, so we are very much looking forward to working with them over the next year’. Paul Durrance, Partner

We will be kicking off the launch of our brand new Business Club on Thursday with our first event ‘The World of Social Media’

We can’t wait for Thursday, and tickets have been selling fast! On the night we will be joined by the team from Ph. Creative who will be spilling the secrets on Social Media content and strategy. We’ll be raising a glass to the new Business Club, telling you all about the benefits that our members will be receiving, introducing our fantastic sponsors and networking our way into the evening!

Tickets are selling out, and we know it’s going to be a fantastic night! If you’d liketo find out more about what will be happening on the night, and book yourticket, then you can do so here! And to make enquiries about becoming a member of the club please email

We hope to see you on the night!

The Women's Organisation

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Hootsuite (Hootsuite For Business @ The W.O)

Heard of Hootsuite? Not to worry if you haven’t! But we at The Women’s Organisation think it’s prime time that everyone got to grips with Hootsuite to manage their Social Media. Hootsuite can change the way you manage your Social Media for business, by figuring out the basics you can save so much time on creating and scheduling your Social Media content.

Thankfully, we have a new course to help our women in business understand and figure out the great platform and tool that is Hootsuite. Join us as we explain Hootsuite for Business on our half-day course, subsidised to just £20. You can book your course through our Eventbrite or ring us to find out more!


If you want to find out a bit more about Hootsuite before you book your place on our course, make sure you check out the blog that we wrote last month on getting to grips with Hootsuite, and this top tips on why you should be using Hootsuite

1. Web-Based
Nothing to download or install, which also means that you don’t have to launch it and wait for it to load on your machine. Pretty simple, anything web-based is just more convenient.

2. Multiple Accounts

Not only you can manage multiple Twitter accounts in one place but with just one click you have total visibility of the next account. You can also post a tweet to a specific account, to more than one or to all your accounts at the same time.

HootSuite has its own URL Shortener so you don’t have to setup any preferences for that or get an API from. Again, make my life easier… You can also use as a separate tool and you just need to sign in with your Twitter account.The other cool feature about is that you can post pictures and file sharing, and video is coming soon. Of course you can enjoy these items also on HootSuite.
4. Facebook, LinkedIn And Others

The latest update is the integration of other social networks including Facebook (Profiles and Fan Pages), LinkedIn and, which should take care of the rest. You can update your status and send it to the networks of your choice the same way you post to Twitter.Also, you have access to viewing the Facebook news feed, your Fan Page wall and your LinkedIn Network Updates without ever leaving the application. Very useful for a quick look.
5. Stats

As long as you are using the shortener, HootSuite tracks all the clicks and creates very useful charts to analyze your performance.This is a great tool to visualize how many times followers click on an specific link, referral and regional stats and the most popular links you have posted. This last one helps you determine what kind of content is your tribe digging the most so you can follow that trend.
6. Hootlet

Hootlet is the little browser plugin that adds a button to your bookmark toolbar and lets you share content from anywhere on the web. This means that you don’t even need to go to the website when you find something worth posting.Also, installation is as easy as dragging the button to the bookmark toolbar.
7. Schedule For Later

HootSuite also lets you schedule your Tweet or Status to be posted later, this way you can plan your social activity and also makes changes before they go live. Think about this for a second, what if you have a post that’s scheduled to go live on your blog tomorrow morning, you could also schedule the links to publish automatically on Twitter, Facebook and other platforms just after that. Now you can sleep until noon (just a thought…)
8. Interface

Have your own personal setup. The use of columns, which I should say it’s not exclusive, is a great way to visualizing all your Twitter activity without having to navigate to other pages. Again, less clicks. This is something you can customize to your needs, you can display the feed, your own Tweets, direct messages, mentions, really whatever you want and in the order you want.Everything is accessible within one click, whether you want to look at a different account or a different social network.
9. Twitter List

With new features like Twitter Lists, the possibilities of adding other columns have also been included to the interface. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with information if you follow a lot of people, Twitter now helps you classify information into groups called “Lists”. HootSuite has now added the feature and you can separate these lists into columns.
10. iPhone App

Not out yet, but it’s coming very soon. You will be able to manage multiple accounts, schedule your social activity and more from the palm of your hand. There is your location independence baby…
- Now! If that isn't enough reasons why you should be getting to grips with Hootsuite, then we aren't sure what is! To book your place on our next Hootsuite for Business Course, look no further than here!
Or give us a ring on 0151 706 811 or email